The Best Superyacht Amenities, Toys and Tenders of the Season

Posted March 1, 2017 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Almost as important as the yacht itself are the onboard amenities, which help create the perfect holiday for all aboard. A fully stocked toy chest with all of the latest & greatest tenders & toys will open the door to even more fun & excitement.

Words Risa Merl

Rebel, Rebel

Rebel 47 Tender
Think the phrase “stylish RIB” is an oxymoron? While the rugged utility of a RIB tender and sleek lines don’t usually go hand-in-hand, when Christian Grande is behind the drawing board it’s a different story. The Italian yacht designer partnered with RIB builder SACS on the aptly named Rebel 47 — a tender that rebels against the preconceived notion of what a rigid inflatable boat should be. Instead of the typical inflated tubes, the D-shaped solid tubes of the Rebel 47 are made from state-of-the-art moldable foam and high-tech anti-collision plastics, all covered in neoprene hypalon. This unique construction not only gives the boat its sculpted appearance, but also provides enhanced durability, stability and an amazingly dry ride — and an extra wide beam forward allows for great interior accommodations. The tender is available in two different layouts — a “protected version” and a more classic Mediterranean version. Both boast comfy chaise lounges, a large swim platform and a cozy interior living area.

Paddle Power

Add some oomph to your paddleboarding prowess with PowerBoards electric SUP. This electric standup paddle-board offers just enough of a boost to help users handle pesky wind, currents or waves with ease. No more fighting against the wind to get back to the boat or asking the crew for a tow. The e-SUP literally works at the touch of a button as push-buttons respond to the pressure on your feet, hands or chest, as necessary. The impact-resistant propeller makes the board suitable for running well both at sea and on inland waters. Powered by the Fin-Drive System™, the PowerBoard motors at eight to 11 kilometers per hour. It only takes 35 minutes to charge the board to full capacity, so you can be back on the water in no time at all. Navigator readers can procure the PowerBoard at the special price of €3,000 plus taxes and delivery.


29 Sportsman Open

When sleek and sexy is in order for your tender, look no further than the new 29 Sportsman Open by Dutch builder Long Island. This racy, silver-toned tender — complemented by sage-hued cushions — is sure to turn heads in the harbor, but her intrigue goes more than skin deep. Powered by a 320hp Yanmar V8 diesel engine, she runs at 30-plus knots and handles beautifully. She is a smooth operator at both low and high speeds and easily transitions to planing without skipping a beat. The 29 Sportsman Open features an electrically operated sun pad that can open either to port or starboard, so access to the water via the swim platform is never hindered. From sunny days splashing in the water to racing along the coastline or comfortably ferrying guests to the yacht — the 29 Sportsman Open is ready for it all.

Catch Some Air

FunAir’s BigAir Yacht Blob
Jumping from the upper deck of the yacht is fun enough, but adding in a big bounce ups the fun ante. With the new BigAir Yacht Blob from FunAir, that freefall sensation is more fun and safer than ever. The inflatable toy purveyor has redesigned the Big Air Yacht Blob to include stabilizing outriggers that keep the giant bouncy toy in place a safe distance from the yacht and prevent it from turning in a sea state. FunAir’s BigAir Yacht Blob is the first toy of its kind that’s specifically designed for yachts – it doesn’t have to be tethered to the seafloor to make it safe. You can fling yourself from the top deck and know the blob will be there to catch you. Or make a game of it, as someone waits below on the blob while their partner jumps down and launches them into the air…all the while the Yacht Blob stays in place as it should.

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