Summer is Rosé Season aboard Luxury Yachts

Posted March 16, 2022 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

There’s no better beverage on a warm summer day than a deliciously chilled glass of pale pink rosé, and there is no better place to enjoy a glass than aboard a luxury yacht, be it your own or a charter yacht.

An exciting addition to any onboard wine cellar is Penfolds’ latest offering, arriving just in time for the summer season, Champagne Brut Rosé, in partnership with Champagne Thiénot. This release follows on the heels of a successful 2019 inaugural Parisian Champagne launch held at the Ritz.

The perfect collaboration of the two brands, Penfolds and Thiénot, the Champagne Brut Rosé is a beautiful blend of style, quality, ambitions and taste. Those taking a glass to their lips will find an intoxicating intermingling of up to “30% Chardonnay (Nogent, Sézanne and Côte des Blancs), 20% Pinot Noir (Vallée de l’Ardre (8%), Epernay and Côte des Bar), and 50% Pinot Meunier (Épernay, Vallée de la Marne and Saint-Thierry),” according to Penfolds and Thiénot.

Balanced and fresh with a delicate finish, this stunning rosé is light and lively. The Champagne character of the blend is unveiled slowly after sitting.

“The Thiénot x Penfolds quartet is now complete and this Champagne Brut Rosé ticks every box,” said Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago. “It shouts Champagne and showcases the finesse and understatement of Thiénot. It’s a visual shimmering reflection of the color of the Penfolds stamp!”

Thiénot Managing Director, Stanislas Thiénot said, “We are delighted to add this new cuvée to our Thiénot Penfolds project. Indeed, this partnership would not be complete without a non-vintage cuvée, an expression that highlights the art of blending Champagne. Like the previous Thiénot Penfolds releases, this cuvée reflects the values shared by our two houses in the “spirit” of Champagne.”

Launched in September 2021, this summer marks the Champagne Brut Rosé’s first summer available. Be sure to stock up before heading out to sea, as this is one beverage you’ll want to have aboard.

For more information on Penfolds’ new Champagne Rosé, click here.

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