Stilla Flowers: Bio-Preserved, Luxury Blooms for Yachts

Posted July 10, 2023 in Lifestyle by Ashleigh King

In the bustling world of superyachts, where opulence meets the vast expanse of the ocean, every detail matters. From meticulously designed interiors to Michelin star-quality culinary creations, yacht owners and charter guests expect nothing short of perfection. In this quest for excellence, one innovative company has taken the industry by storm, revolutionizing the way floral arrangements grace these floating palaces.

Stilla Flowers is a sustainable flower preservation company that offers a stunning alternative to traditional fresh-cut stems. The inspiration comes from the first-hand experiences of founders Loreta Cazacu and her partner, Karolina. With a combined background in yacht management and charter brokerage and a wealth of experience from Karolina’s years of a Chief Stewardess, the duo recognized the pressing need for a longer-lasting, eco-friendly flower alternative in the yachting world.

“We both recognized, from different points of view, the waste associated with fresh flowers in yachting, as well as the logistics and cost of having weekly fresh flower deliveries organized during peak season,” Loreta explains in an interview with Northrop & Johnson. “After three years of research, we launched The Roses Empire, offering a selection of eternal roses and hydrangeas.”

Recently, however, the team has expanded its offering to include a large variety of products, including dahlias, orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, anthurium, and foliage, as well as a bio-preserved plant line called BOTANICALS 365, featuring trees, plants and palm trees that can last for several years.

With this expansion, Loreta and Karolina settled on a new name: Stilla Flowers.

“Because they’re still alive,” smiles Loreta. “Get it?”

A white bouquet of flowers in a square glass vase with hands adjusting the stems

Benefiting the crew

Stilla Flowers is committed to reducing waste and environmental impact. At the heart of their offerings is their array of eternal flowers, meticulously presented using cutting-edge bio-preservation techniques. These arrangements are custom made for each and every yacht’s interior and remain vibrant and fresh for up to a year, eliminating the need for weekly floral deliveries contributing to unnecessary waste and transportation emissions.

Explains Loreta, “As our flowers last a year, the crew no longer has to source flowers before every charter or even mid-charter—they’re able to deal with more important tasks without the stress or time limitation that comes with fresh cut flowers. [They] can even save themselves the hassle of working with florists who don’t speak their language; a lot of the time, details can be lost in translation.”

Over time, these eternal flowers can reduce flower budgets by up to 60 percent over a whole season. Because they require very little maintenance, the crew cut countless hours spent taking care of fresh-cut bouquets: watering, trimming out wilted petals, removing decayed flowers and rearranging centerpieces, which can be a time-consuming process.

“And on top of all that, the crew no longer needs to spend time searching for DIY ways to prolong an arrangement’s life. Our flowers don’t need water, sunlight or special attention, so the crew can use this time to focus on the guest experience.”

Benefiting the planet

This is achieved thanks to a cutting-edge bio-preservation process, says Loreta. Flowers and plants are harvested at their peak, most beautiful state and are then treated to a soak in a specially formulated glycerin solution. This solution is totally plant-based and 100 percent biodegradable. During the soak, it is absorbed by the plant, replacing sap and water. This solution allows the stems and blooms to maintain their shape, texture and color for 12 months or longer.

“They last 50 times longer than fresh flowers,” says Loreta. “At a minimum!”

In addition to an enhanced lifespan, Stilla’s preserved flowers boast many significant environmental advantages.

“Generally, the production of fresh flowers involves harmful practices that are not environmentally friendly,” says Loreta, “such as the use of pesticides, excessive fertilizers and water, as well as requiring heating or artificial light to keep the flowers fresher for longer, which leads to increased energy consumption. This process happens year-round.

“In the case of bio-preserved flowers, it is crucial for the flower to be exceptionally healthy and clean. Otherwise, the preservation process is not effective. This means minimal use of pesticides in their growth phase to ensure the highest quality blooms.”

In addition, bio-preserved flowers adhere to the natural growth cycle of the flower and are not excessively produced throughout the year. In contrast, fresh flowers are often sold without regard for their seasonality—think roses on Valentine’s Day in the northern hemisphere, despite their peak season being the hot summer months of July and August.

“Additionally, our flowers make a significant difference in waste reduction. With minimal flower losses during the harvest and preservation process, they contribute to lower overall waste compared to fresh-cut flowers. It’s estimated that only four out of 10 fresh flowers make it to the final consumer—this highlights the sustainability advantage of our blooms.”

Eternal stems in-situ

At the time of writing, Stilla Flowers grace the decks of many well-known private and charter yachts, including several of the yachts in SYM’s fleet. Ben Young, Founder & Director of Yacht Management, found it inspiring how quickly Stilla Flowers has cornered the market.

“It has been truly inspiring to see just how quickly STILLA have taken the lead in the market with their sustainable flower collection,” he says.

“Clients of ours absolutely love to be part of the design process, working alongside the STILLA team to create bespoke arrangements to best suit the particular spaces onboard.

“From the practical side, these types of flowers are simply unbeatable, combining the beauty of real flowers without any of the hassles associated with wilting, changes in temperature, displays in areas of limited natural light and having to find replacements in remote cruising areas.”

Interested in chartering a yacht with stunning sustainable blooms? Contact a Northrop & Johnson charter broker today.

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