Spring's Must-See Fine Art Photography Events

Posted April 1, 2024 in Lifestyle by Mike Espindle

The appreciation and acquisition of fine art photography have been of consistent interest to collectors. Armed with some insights from internationally renowned photographer David Yarrow, here are some important upcoming photographic events you’ll want to put your lens on for the spring of this year.

“Something potential collectors should realize is that, especially at the big shows in Basel and Miami, photography sales have remained fairly consistent at about five percent of total sales over the years, and the works displayed are works exhibitors feel they can more easily sell,” advises award-winning photographer David Yarrow.

As far as more speculative buying by collectors, he adds: “There is much talk about better potential investment performance in art, even compared to more traditional investments like the stock market. But no one talks about when it comes time to sell, and the costs and hurdles associated with it. You might get lucky, you might be disappointed.” Yarrow reports that last year he sold about 1,100 photographs, and less than 20 percent were bought speculatively.

“Buy art that you love,” he concludes. davidyarrow.photography

Art Paris

Paris, France
April 4 to 7, 2024
The Art Paris conclave will be the last fair held at the Grand Palais Éphémère facility before the Olympic Games arrive in Paris with a newly renovated Grand Palais. A leading Spring event for modern and contemporary art in general, Art Paris’ photographic exhibits and curated inclusion are perhaps only rivaled by the annual Paris Photo fair later in the year in the City of Lights.
Photographic highlights for this year include French photographer Valérie Belin’s glamour-meets-street work; the somber, artful pictures of South Korean photographer Bae Bien-U; the sensuous images of Turkish snapper Sinem Dişli; the moment-in-time-capturing work of French-American artist Elliot Erwitt (who passed away last November); and many other notables. artparis.com

The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD

New York, NY, USA
April 25 to 28, 2024

The Photography Show presented by the Association for International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), one of the leading and longest-running fairs dedicated to photography in the world, will return to its ancestral home at the Park Avenue Armory after an eight-year absence. The upcoming event not only represents both a nod to its roots—a renewed commitment to excellence in fine art photography—but also the ushering in of a new era, bringing in an unprecedented number of young galleries and new jack exhibits that push the boundaries of photography.

Exhibitors from around the globe will unveil an exciting mix of work that reflects a dynamic and diverse understanding of the photographic medium. At press time, the exhibitor count was up to 76 prestigious international collaborators, including stand-out newcomers like Montreal’s ELLEPHANT gallery, Los Angeles’ Marshall Gallery, Barcelona’s RocioSantaCruz and The Third Gallery Aya from Osaka. In addition, programming for all ages is planned: panels hosted by thought leaders, insightful walkthroughs and educational events, and, of course, the celebration of the prestigious annual AIPAD Award. aipad.com

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