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Blue Is The New Green

The THALGO brand was born from the oceans and has been, since its inception in 1964, committed to protecting the environment and the seabed. THALGO has a strict eco-design policy and the brand affirms a strong desire to reduce its environmental footprint by investing in the installation of photovoltaic cells, the creation of a wastewater treatment plant and the selection of labeled recyclable packaging suppliers for the greater good of nature. The THALGO pact of beauty vows to offer safe and natural beauty products that are free from ingredients of animal origin or that might include parabens, mineral oils, GMOs or are subject to animal testing. Thus, all of the THALGO products are based on marine extracts taken from non-polluted controlled areas. Natural active ingredients that actively regenerate the skin are then added. THALGO’s products provide the assurance of “Safe Beauty” that respects both the skin and the environment. Bursting the Bubble It is becoming more apparent that beauty brands looking to do good today and in the future are focusing on formulas that do not contain parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, GMOs or ingredients of animal origin. Also, working as an Ecocert certified production site equally helps minimize the ecological footprint.

For the past 50 years, the THALGO research and development center has been studying 230 marine active ingredients. THALGO has created 12 exclusive active ingredients, including seven patents, using 62 active ingredients from marine and biomimetic sources. Some of these include sea water, sea salts, marine mud, micro-marine organisms and maritime plants. All are all highly concentrated in essential nutrients, including minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that are directly absorbed by the skin and are beneficial to the body. Algae being a core ingredient in many natural beauty products today, THALGO particularly focuses on working to ensure the reasonable and safe harvest of this ingredient with careful mastery of reproductive cycles and satellite monitoring. This allows the ability to preserve the immense reservoir of life within the oceans. Beauty products and cosmetics based on marine extracts taken from non-polluted controlled areas actually help to preserve the seabed and its wealth while minimizing the ecological footprint and offering us the rebalancing, revitalizing, regenerating, stimulating and relaxing powers of marine riches.

In a Nut Shell Packaging plays a significant role in the impact we have on our environment. Frangipani Luxury Amenities, a South of France-based luxury guest amenities and spa products supplier not only cares about you and the guests on board, but also about the planet. Purveyors of eco-friendly products like Bamford, Frangipani Luxury Amenities is a must-contact if you’re in the market for eco-friendly products. The company operates a recycling program to collect back all part-used toiletries, which can be sanitized and redistributed to those in need, thereby reducing landfill. Similarly, brands like THALGO only use boxes made from FSC paper (Forest Stewardship Council) — whose dedication implies one tree cut down equals two trees planted — and water ink that is less polluting while recycling paper, carton and water along with using photovoltaic solar panels. Product packaging today is becoming more and more recyclable and the use of polyethylene recyclable plastic is at the forefront of doing away with damaging substances. Looking flawless and making the planet a better place at the same time has officially never been easier.

Naturally sourced, certified-organic, Bamford products are available through Frangipani Luxury Amenities

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