Driving Cleaner and Greener Solutions-- Quantum’s Latest F45 Innovation

Posted October 13, 2023 in Lifestyle by Ashleigh King

This double-decker box may look like just another pretty piece of equipment— but the refined F45 represents the secret to comfort, specifically roll reduction, using more sustainable means.

Stabilizers in the larger, 50m+ market typically use hydraulics to power the system and move the fins. Most hydraulic systems will draw 40% of the maximum power when unused or at idle, just to be “at the ready.” The new, patent-pending F45 Electric / Hydraulic Hybrid Power Unit drops to less than 1kW in the same idle state. This translates to 80% greater efficiency at full power!

With owners, shipyards and suppliers driven by cleaner and greener solutions, the F45 offers two unique methods to store excess energy and recover it, when needed. In addition, using a closed loop system greatly simplifies the overall system, removing all of the components that make hydraulics inefficient, such as servo valves.

Other incredible benefits:
– reduced heat generation
– improved sound & vibration isolation
– simplified maintenance requirements
– a smaller footprint compared to a traditional system
– increased reliability
– high-dynamic control

The first F45 prototype will be installed on a 47m Feadship refit during the first quarter of 2024.

As owners and charter guests continue to explore remote cruising destinations, exposure to rough seas is inevitable. Quantum Stabilizers are the perfect solution to reduce the roll, ensure comfort and make the journey worth the ride. Cheers to a cleaner, stabilizing solution!

For more information: quantumstabilizers.com / sales@quantumstabilizers.com

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