Quantum Stabilizers F45 Electric / Hydraulic Hybrid Power Unit

Posted February 13, 2024 in Lifestyle by Eileen Lopez

After four years in development and six months of rigorous testing, the new F45 is ready for the real world! The first prototype will be installed on a 47m Feadship refit in March 2024.

This new F45 Electric/Hydraulic Hybrid Power Unit represents a big step forward in marine stabilization, especially for those concerned about carbon footprints, energy conservation and sustainability.


Reduces power consumption- up to 60%

This means: We have simplified the power unit where it only uses the amount of power as needed, when needed versus a traditional system that must remain running at 40% capacity even at idle. Basically, the overall cost to run the system is reduced so that you have more money to spend on ???

4X quieter than any other Quantum system to date

This means: You can conduct a normal conversation alongside the F45 System, around 63dB’s. Quieter translates into better quality of sleep and a much better onboard experience.

M.E.S.S. – Mass Energy Storage System

This means: The spikes that can occur from running a stabilizer system are managed, so that there are no longer diming lights and most importantly, it saves the life of the generator.

Longer Periods of Running Without Required Maintenance

This means: Military operations can proceed for longer periods, which is necessary in the emerging unmanned applications. Similarly, charter vessels and yacht owners can take advantage of more water time versus yard time!

80% Recovery in Underway Mode – based on Hydrodynamics and Prototype Testing

This means: You will save a bundle due to that incredible recovery technology!

Smaller Footprint

This means: A smaller footprint allows more space for things like water toys, a beach club or better yet…a wine cellar!

F45 New Controls Offer Greater Precision

This means: The new control system collects more data and delivers more precise movements to the stabilizers, leading to an even better overall experience.

For more information quantumstabilizers.com / sales@quantumstabilizers.com

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