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Animal Chair Collection

One might think from behind that these are stunning statues, but upon further observance, their true purpose of a chair is shown. Spanish artist Máximo Riera pays tribute to the animal kingdom in his limited-edition collection that comprises ten animals, ranging in species from reptiles to mammals to insects. It takes eight to nine weeks and more than 520 hours per piece; the attention to detail on the chairs is phenomenal; each stays faithful to the animal’s natural physique. Their uniqueness is sure to make a statement.

Striped table

Origami Stripes Living Room Table

Inspired by the famed Japanese art of origami, Patricia Urquiola has innovatively used fine marbles in lieu of paper to create a bold and unique origami table. Handmade in Italy, a variety of colored polychrome marbles are used in daring lines and bent at a 90-degree angle to create continuality that makes this piece more than just a table, but a piece of art as well. Functional and contemporary, it is ideal for the home or yacht.

Hexgon sound system on the wall

Beosound Shape

Blending cool design with functionality and incredible sound, Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape is not your ordinary sound system. Made up of a series of hexagonal tiles that can be arranged in unique, customizable, modular shapes that look like wall art, no one will realize their functionality until the music is turned on. They also improve room acoustics when turned off. Each tile has its own function; together they create what Bang & Olufsen calls “band on the wall,” which mimics the sound of a live band playing in the room and makes for a truly remarkable listening experience.

Mood By Christofle

Relish the simple indulgence of drinking an exquisite espresso while using the finest of espresso spoons. Elegant and functional, Christofle has put a twist on the traditional espresso spoon. When closed, MOOD is a decorative object, bold yet sophisticated. Encased in this egg-shaped chest and polished in copper-colored stainless steel are six espresso spoons gilded with 18-carat rose gold and held in place with a dark walnut wood insert.  With its functionality and timeless aesthetics, MOOD by Christofle is truly perfect for every table.

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