Making Beautiful Music — The Baby by Based Upon

Posted February 15, 2019 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

The Baby’s curvaceous design was inspired by the gentle curves of the universe — more specifically, the spiral patterns that are seen repeating everywhere from galaxies to the florets in a sunflower. Based Upon has used this curvature before, dubbing it the Twist. It can be seen in a variety of other pieces from tables to consoles.

The Baby is hand-finished in beautiful metals and luscious resins. It’s tri-oval top appears to twist away from its base to reveal the baby grand piano, which is crafted from the finest solid spruce from Valle de Fiemme in the north Italian Alps. This exceptional Goldfinch piano was crafted by masters who utilized time-honored practices to engineer an impressive instrument. The piano is completely custom, handcrafted down to each of its 230 strings.

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