Latest & Greatest Yacht Toys and Tenders for Fun and Excitement

Posted March 1, 2016 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Almost as important as the yacht itself are the onboard amenities, which help create the perfect holiday for all aboard. A fully stocked toy chest with all of the latest & greatest tenders & toys will open the door to even more fun & excitement.

Classic RIB 2

01 The Classic RIB

With the versatility of a RIB and the good looks of a classic Italian Riviera launch, the Super 55 tender from UK builder Ocean 398 combines the best of both worlds. This boat is ready to take on any sea conditions and will do it in style. Its hybrid looks are entirely new, but all at once familiar. Renowned yacht design firm Dubois Naval Architects collaborated on this cool craft. It is tough and sturdy like a rigid inflatable boat yet striking with its teak and mahogany finishes. The handcrafted wood-and-composite tender can be customized to suit any yacht, with both the outer hypalon tubes and the supple leather interior available in multiple colors to mimic the mothership’s styling. The Super 55 has excellent handling and is powered by either twin
60hp or a single 115hp engine with inboard/outboard options available.

LUXI33 1

02 Fun in Sun

The eco-chic Luxi33 tender from Cantiere Savona uses the power of the sun to cruise in silence. This 33-foot tender features a hybrid-solar power system, which marries a traditional diesel engine with an electric motor, solar panels and a battery bank for myriad power options. Run in silence like a sailboat, but with the comfort of a motor yacht in pure electric mode, reaching seven knots, or hit a top speed of 19 knots powered by the 170hp diesel engines while still only burning six gallons per hour. The hardtop is covered with solar panels, which capture the sun’s rays and pack the battery bank with 15 hours of charging time. The hybrid propulsion allows for emissions-free running, ensuring the Luxi33 can cruise protected anchorages. On-trend, Luxi33 is built with eco-friendly materials, giving it even more green credentials. Not only does Cantiere Savona work with renewable energy firms to create its eco-conscious crafts, but the new company was also born from crowd-funding — three young entrepreneurs got Cantiere Savona off the ground in 2010 by raising €380,000 from 44 investors.


03 Ride Without the Waves

Never again will you be at the mercy of the waves to hang ten. Electric surfboards might be
making the wave report obsolete. This new toy allows the rider to fly across the water and through the waves on its own steam. Onean has debuted a series of electric jet boards that range from beginner to pro level. The Carver, the Mantra and the Blade (which is still in development) are powered by integrated jet propulsion. In tests, Onean’s boards moved at a respectable 25mph, allowing you to ride like the wind even if the waves aren’t crashing.

Triton Sub 1

04 Go Deep

In build and ready to splash next fall is the first 1650/3 LP submersible from Triton Submarines.
The LP stands for “low profile,” and with a height of fewer than six feet, this svelte sub is designed to slide right into a standard superyacht tender garage. Two passengers and a pilot can dive
down to 1,650 feet under the waterline, gliding at a speed of three knots. The domed glass enclosure — which is air-conditioned for comfort — allows for incredible 360-degree visibility, while external LEDs light up the murky depths below. Thanks to Triton’s signature ballast tanks, the sub will stay buoyant at water level for passengers to easily board the sub much like they would a tender, simply stepping on from the yacht’s swim platform. The 1650/3 LP has all the bells and whistles of the sub builder’s popular Triton 3300/3 model, but with a lighter acrylic press hull mounted in a partial steel enclosure to save weight. The Triton 1650/3 LP weighs only 8,818 pounds and can be launched easily with the same overhead davit that’s used for the tenders, making this an easy addition to the toy box.

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