Hottest Luxury Home Décor of Form and Function this season

Posted March 1, 2019 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

The Year of Knots

From measuring speeds to securing yachts, knots are synonymous with the yachting world and have been relied on for a variety of uses over the centuries. The Year of Knots is a masterpiece by Windy Chien that inspires one to not only appreciate the skill of knot tying but also to appreciate the beauty of each individual knot. Using minimal materials and color, it takes each knot and puts it on show, displaying its complexity and splendor. Windy’s journey with The Year of Knots began with the purchase of The Ashley Book of Knots. From there Windy spent the next year learning how to tie a new knot every day as well as researching its history and use. At the end of the year, Windy had learned 366 knots and created an art piece that is truly inspiring in aesthetics and skill. Adding a nautical flair to any yacht or home Windy can be commissioned to create custom-sized knot walls, or to reproduce unique versions of The Year of Knots.

cut chair

Cut Chair

Designed by Peter Bristol, the Cut Chair boasts a mysterious beauty. It looks like a chair but puzzles the mind, giving an optical illusion that says otherwise. With three of the legs sliced, leaving only one leg as support, the brain thinks there is no way it can support someone. However, the Cut Chair is fully functioning and is able to support weight like any other chair. Bristol’s secret? A metal structure with supports hidden under the carpet, which provides the secured support needed to keep the chair’s structure.

Blue table

HalfHalf Low Large Table

Designed by Studio Jinsik, the HalfHalf Low Large Table uses basic shapes and contrasting materials of metal and stone to create a stunning, functional table and stool. The simple shapes and lines of the piece make it both functional and sculptural at the same time. The piece blends mirrored stainless steel, which has been bent into a half-moon shape, crossing over Tikal green marble and Statuario marble. The mirrored stainless steel reflects the splendor of the stone below as well as its surroundings.

Bloom cabinet

Bloom Cabinet

The Bloom Cabinet immediately draws eyes with its vibrant colors and striking design. Inspired by the lotus flower in full bloom, the handcrafted piece is a collaboration between Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum and French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur. Created using a centuries-old straw inlay technique, the cabinet’s semi-circular doors are comprised of 4,320 sections of premium-grade rye straw from Burgundy, France, that are overlaid onto black-stained oak joinery. Using a custom 12-color palette ranging from cobalt to light pink, the straws are manually split, flattened, and infused in vats of pigment for 24 hours. The cabinet’s interior is just as luxurious as its exterior and features a white maple lining. In total, the Bloom Cabinet took over 400 hours to make. This is a rare piece of stunning beauty, impressive technique, and functionality.


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