Posted November 14, 2018 in Lifestyle by Morgan Crowe

Thalassotherapy spa treatments require the use of real seaweed and seawater — they treat a number of conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism as well as various skin disorders. In addition, these treatments are found beneficial to those experiencing low energy levels, fluid retention and excess weight.

A robust understanding of the similarities between seawater and our own blood plasma led Thalgo to create an expansive line of spa products to accompany their thalassotherapy treatments as well as home care skin products and a growing number of nutritional supplements.

Thalgo’s respect for the sea, the environment and brand longevity comes in their three tiered commitment process:

Responsible Harvesting and Sourcing – Only essential ingredients from non-polluted areas, only during controlled harvests and only when reproductive cycles and satellite monitoring permit

Responsible Packaging – Installation of photovoltaic cells, the creation of a wastewater treatment plant and the choosing of recyclable packaging suppliers.

Responsible ingredients – No parabens, GMOs, animal testing

With a strong commitment to product safety, they have engaged more than ever in natural ingredients and processes which do not hinder Brand commitment to preserving the seabed and the riches they provide. Constantly moving forward, Thalgo looks for more ways to create and provide quality products, with proven results while still minimizing their ecological footprint.


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