Five Tips for Protecting Your Yacht in these Trying Times

Posted April 10, 2020 in Lifestyle by Morgan Crowe

While many things in our lives have come to a complete stop, some things must go on.  The need to care for your family is paramount. Also the need to take care of your property and your passion.  Yachting is that passion and when we are confined to our homes, we realize that our freedoms are never more valued than when they are taken away. I am sure, like us, you are dreaming of the day when all constraints disappear and we can once again “run away to the sea.”

In the meantime, here are five tips to helping you protect your treasure.  These are things your agent, or our preferred insurance provider, Private Insurance Services can help you review:


  1. KNOW YOUR INSURANCE POLICY’S NAVIGATION ITINERARY – Many policies were put in place with a pre-determined itinerary on record.  If your itinerary has been altered and the yacht will not be heading either trans-Atlantic or to New England this year, make sure your policy covers you for where you are staying.
  2. KNOW YOUR WINDSTORM DEDUCTIBLES – Just as above, if your yacht is staying in a wind exposed area, the policy deductible may be substantial or windstorm claims may even be excluded on some policies.
  3. ARE YOU CHANGING CREW? – Your policy may require the crew remain on board at all times, and the captain would be specifically named on the policy.  Make sure if crew is changed (or off the boat) that you still have coverage.
  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE – Many ports of call and shipyards are closed or limited right now. Make sure that your plans are feasible and will not cause frustration to you and your crew. As the news changes daily, there are resources to help you find your best options.  Many websites have been created to assist. One such resource is
  5. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR CHARTERERS WITH TRIP CANCELLATION COVERAGE – If you are booking charters for the future, a great option for your charterer and you to protect unexpected problems is to require Trip cancellation coverage for any of your charters. This protects everyone from losses due to unexpected cancellations.

As the world gets back to normal, we look forward to working with you all in protecting your passions and enjoying them in the future.

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