Enjoy LOUIS XIII Anywhere, Anytime with The Drop

Posted December 29, 2022 in Lifestyle by Ashleigh King

Renowned on a global scale, LOUIS XIII Cognac is an exquisite blend of up to 1,200 select eaux-de-vie sourced from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. Enjoying LOUIS XIII has traditionally been performed in a classic tasting ritual, featuring crystal glasses and a formal display of the cognac’s recognizable decanter – until now. Launched in November of 2022, LOUIS XIII has a new format that aims to make enjoying the luxury of LOUIS XIII Cognac an anywhere and anytime experience, perfect for your next voyage.

LOUIS XIII is transcending their traditional tasting experience into a ritual that is both nomadic, casual, and accessible to anyone on the move. This bold new format of LOUIS XIII’s Cognac is called THE DROP and its powerful display of spontaneity, motion, nomadism, and possibility aims to break the codes of traditional luxury – allowing the enjoyer to have their own LOUIS XIII tasting experience whenever this luxury is desired. Welcome your opportunity to now have LOUIS XIII while sailing, on the beach, or during a local exploration.

LOUIS XIII’s THE DROP comes in a set of five travel-friendly drops that are ergonomically designed for the connoisseur to enjoy the iconic cognac directly from the bottle. This Collection Box makes a perfect companion to a classic LOUIS XIII decanter, since THE DROP’s size allows you to take the sumptuous cognac with you – especially important whenever you’re docked and ready to adventure. This unique opportunity to have LOUIS XIII Cognac wherever one pleases creates unrestricted access to opulence and remarkable moments.

THE DROP’s colorful display evokes five unique attitudes – Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth & Bright. One can pick their favorite color of the moment to help further define their mood. To complete THE DROP experience, each bottle can be paired with a wearable harness and coordinating strap (sold separately) – allowing you to easily move alongside LOUIS XIII and transcend the bottle into a chic and wearable accessory.

LOUIS XIII’s Collections, THE DROP & THE DROP’s accessories, are available at us.louisxiii-cognac.com, where you can discover their finest expressions of eaux-de-vie and gifts to coincide.

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