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Posted October 1, 2015 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Both are easily introduced into your daily life with these striking objet d’art pieces. Incorporate beauty, style, design and function into all you do.
Card Holder

Recoil Mechanical Card Holder Mark II

Swiss mechanical-design artisan Roland Iten’s Recoil Mechanical Card Holder Mark II is the must-have item for a cashless society. Able to be operated with one hand, it holds five credit cards and comes with an aluminum scanner-blocking shield. Its patent-pending spring-steel, tension-controlled recoil mechanism allows you quick access to your favorite form of payment. Crafted in his Alpine homeland, the mechanics and finishing are aligned with the finest Swiss watchmaking techniques, and a self-locking security mechanism is included for extra safekeeping.

Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle on an Agate Geode

Perfect for an entry hall or office, Buccellati’s Silver Eagle reflects impressive workmanship techniques, particularly on the feathers. The eagle is positioned, wings spread, revealing a variety of nuances. Its base is an agate geode with stripes of grey and white. In total, this work of art represents victory, pride and strength; it also depicts a glorious aspect of nature’s true beauty. The monument stands at 40-centimeters high with a 33-by-36-centimeter base.

Leather Tube for watches


Protect your timepieces in style. Döttling’s Guardian is a double-walled, high-security tube encased in leather, perfectly suited for travel. Boasting diamond-like strength, the metal component is practically impenetrable — the tube’s polycarbonate structure cannot be destroyed even by a sledgehammer. With a GPS transmitter and a high-security safe door with a three-digit code, the Guardian offers next-level protection. It can be carried by handgrip or shoulder strap or, at 14.5-inches long and 5.3-inches in diameter, in a suitcase or briefcase.

Escaldo Music Box


A tribute to Swiss inventor Arthur Gueydan, who in 1928 developed the horse racing game Escaldo, Reuge offers a music box version of the game. Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions,” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” serenade the five sterling silver horses as they glide across the Teflon-coated track. Each horse has a unique structure of random speeds per race as they’re pulled by magnets. Place your bets and listen to the sweet sounds of backing a winner.

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