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Posted March 1, 2016 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Both are easily introduced into your daily life with these striking objet d’art pieces. Incorporate beauty, style, design and function into all you do.

The Crystal Piano

Goldfinch offers an almost boundless selection of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and textures for its tailored pianos, handcrafted by a small artisan team in Cambridge, UK. Each one of its instruments is capable of “self-play,” which allows invisible controls to take hold and make music as if the piano is playing itself. The Crystal Piano is a gorgeous Steinway bedazzled by half a million Swarovski crystals. The piano took six months to be built, as each crystal was hand-applied.

The Crystal Piano – Goldfinch

Parfums de Voyage

The blending and burning of incense became a sacred art centuries ago. Still a revered custom today, it is known to stir the senses, cleanse impurities and elevate moods. The Parfums de Voyage collection marks L’Objet’s first foray into the incense category. The scent Thé Russe – No. 75 will be available as incense, which will enliven the fragrance’s smoky notes. The Parfums de Voyage collection features Japanese incense, which delivers the purest fragrance possible. A stunning, white amphora vessel aerates and lifts the scent.

L'objet Parfum De Voyage Amphora Incense Holder

Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper

Designer Sina Maria Eggl of Rolls-Royce Accessories met with experts from Dorchester Collection’s London hotels to help conceive the ideal cocktail hamper, well suited to create everything from classic to on-trend libations. Handcrafted of American walnut and the finest natural-grain leather, which often is used in Rolls-Royce automobiles, the hamper took eight weeks to create. The inside of the beautiful leather-bound hamper has every possible cocktail-creating accessory needed and fitted for ease of use, such as a paring knife that is magnetically bound in place, for obvious safety, but also aesthetic, reasons. This nifty little cocktail hamper also lights automatically when opened, ensuring you won’t miss a thing when mixing up some fun.


Stockinger Custom Safe

Since the company’s founding in 1978, no one has ever broken into a Stockinger safe. In addition to keeping your valuables protected, these safes can be finished in an infinite number of lacquers, paints and natural or artificial surfaces. Ideal for timepieces, high-end jewelry or other prized collections, each individual safe is created with an exclusive coating and custom functions. The safe’s finishes and interior fixtures are completely up to you. Choose between a bevy of shelf and tray options to suit your needs. If your collection includes automatic watches with special needs, watch winders can be installed.

Wild West Safe - High quality designer products | Architonic

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