Art and Sculptures by Robert Currie

Posted October 1, 2015 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Culture Spy — Robert Currie

Robert Currie creates sculptures that are disorienting, weightless and mesmerizing. His work explores motion, rhythm and volume through the use of lines and geometric structures.

Currie’s sculptures and site-specific installations, meticulously constructed in strands of nylon monofilament, highlight unseen forces. Engaging with the legacies of artists such as Naum Gabo and Sol Lewitt, Currie’s linear works convey complex systems of order and the power of tensile forces. Currie constructs each piece of his artwork by hand, precisely placing, wrapping, threading and twisting the material to create reciprocally static and fluid structures. As Gabo identified, any material might be suitable for the creation of sculpture, as long as the artist is attuned to its specific emotional qualities.

Rational and irrational, negative and positive, order and disorder, filled and unfilled, Robert Currie continually develops contrasts in his work. Volume is created within apparent emptiness. Light emerges from intricate systems of intersecting lines and spaces, creating artwork that dances and ripples despite being stationary. Currie actively engages with his material’s properties and their propensity to reflect, diffract and absorb light in order to articulate the contrast of solidity and fluidity. Through woven lines, voids materialize to give a hint and perception of nothing as a result of “something.”

Robert Currie was born in London, 1976, where he lives and works. He achieved
his master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in 2000. In the same year, he was selected for “New Contemporaries” and was commissioned by Sotheby’s to create an installation in its atrium.

His work is exhibited internationally; he is represented by Bryce Wolkowitz in New York, Galerie Gimpel et Müller in Paris and Van der Grinten Galerie in Cologne. Currie’s work is held in numerous well-known international public and private collections.

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