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When purchasing or collecting art, it can be exceptionally difficult to decide which pieces are best for you. Of course, it is imperative that you love the artwork in order to purchase it, but also it should be chic, work well in your home or yacht, be thought-provoking and fashionable.

What’s hot this year? Pop and post-pop is in. Pop art is defined as using the ordinary “pop culture” to create art, hence “pop art.” When you hear this term, the mind conjures famed pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, and Larry Rivers, to name a few. These artists are hailed as the forefathers and trailblazers of the pop art movement. They are now the blue-chip artists in the auctions of the art world.

A new genre of pop art has emerged over the last few years — post-pop is the new, modern movement that is now taking shape before our very eyes. The artist and movement itself have not yet completely formed — there’s no Wikipedia page for the post-pop art movement because it’s happening now. Over the last 30 years, the innovators of pop art and the post-pop movement have been in their studios, painting, sculpting and creating. Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Richard Prince are taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. The objects, drawings, paintings and photos are taken from the world around us and trigger memories that make art into more than a piece to display, but a memoir of one’s life. One of Warhol’s iconic pieces, a Campbell’s soup can, allegedly was inspirited by the fact that Warhol ate the soup every day, as at least one meal.

Pop art and post-pop art will be prominently on display this year at Art Basel Miami Beach. The first weekend in December the art world descends upon this hot, haute metropolis known for its chic yachts and international sexy appeal. Born in and of modern art, Art Basel is the place for artists, art lovers, art collectors and those who want to be surrounded by beauty and champagne to mix, mingle and become inspired. As the mecca of the American art world, new art trends will be unveiled here and either soar to roaring fame or meet their demise. At Art basal, you will find both horror and beauty of the modern art world among the pop and post-pop art displayed.

On tap for your viewing pleasure this year are pop art and post-pop masters Damien Hirst, Mel Ramos and Richard Prince. Keep an eye out for their stunning works of art.

Pieces will be on display on Monday, December 1 in the beautiful staterooms of a megayacht as Northrop & Johnson, Keyes Art Projects and Mark Borghi Fine Art team up for a pre-Art Basel event. These stunning works by these meticulous masters will then be moved across the canal to Art Basel Miami Beach to be presented in the booths of Mark Borhgi and Larry Gagosian, among countless other displays throughout the Art Basel fair.

If you have the opportunity to be on hand at Art Basel Miami Beach, keep your eyes peeled for the beauty
of the ordinary. It will make your heart skip a beat and you may just find that perfect piece that speaks to you and floods your heart and mind with magical memories of everyday living

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