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One of the best things about owning a yacht is the freedom to explore the open seas at your own pace. For added peace of mind, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll have the assistance you need in case of an emergency. Seasoned sailors and yachtsmen understand the potential risks associated with operating a yacht and make plans that involve taking appropriate precautions, but accidents do happen. The most effective emergency plans incorporate insurance coverage that includes benefits such as emergency assistance, towing, search and rescue, and evacuation for medical emergencies, to name a few.

The Private Insurance Services Yacht Practice is not only dedicated to helping clients secure insurance protection that includes the coverage features they deserve, but we are also committed to providing claims service in the event of a loss — no matter when or where a loss occurs. Clients can call to report a claim and get assistance from a Private Insurance Services Yacht claims advocate through our global emergency hotline, which is available 24/7 year-round.

Above and Beyond Protected

Recently, while enjoying an extended sailing trip outside the US, a client and his family were caught in rough weather and lost their 42’ tender in tow at sea. When the yacht captain contacted a Private Insurance Services Yacht claims advocate at 2:30 a.m., the claims advocate advised him to move out of the area as quickly as possible due to the weather and not worry about recovering the tender.

After contacting the insurer, the claims advocate checked back with the yacht captain to ensure everyone onboard was safe and to determine whether further assistance was needed. Thanks to the timely work of the claims advocate, the clients were able to continue their journey and returned home from their trip with a check waiting for them to cover the cost of their lost tender.

Separately, another client was sailing their yacht over a holiday weekend when their chief engineer was injured. The yacht captain contacted a claims advocate who made arrangements to get the engineer back to the US, notified the insurer, and confirmed that the client’s yacht was clear to proceed on their journey. The clients were pleased that they were able to get immediate service and a prompt resolution on a holiday.

It’s examples like this these that show the passion that the Private Insurance Services Yacht Practice has for protecting our clients and their yachts. We understand that while these vessels are one of the most cherished assets to own, yachts are also among the most complex personal assets to manage and insure. We make it our goal to provide our clients with superior personal risk management solutions so they can enjoy their time on the water.

About the Author: John Gaffney is Senior Vice President and Yacht Practice Leader at Private Insurance Services and an avid boater for nearly 40 years.  He can be reached at

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