A Wardrobe for Him Featuring Vibrant Hues and Fun Prints

Posted February 15, 2023 in Lifestyle by Ashleigh King

Pictured above: Tailored Swim Shorts, Hacienda Sunglasses & Flip-flops theresortco.com


Handpick the perfect vacation wardrobe for vibrant days spent on warm shores.


Resort Polo Shirt orlebarbrown.com

Resort Polo Shirt

Jondal Sunglasses ebmeyrowitz.com

Jondal Sunglasses

Xarraca Sunglasses ebmeyrowitz.com

Xarraca Sunglasses

Rafael Panama Hat frescobolcarioca.com

Rafael Panama Hat

Vadella Sunglasses ebmeyrowitz.com

Vadella Sunglasses

Bulldog Swim Shorts orlebarbrown.com

Bulldog Swim Shorts

Roberto Leaf Print Shirt frescobolcarioca.com

Roberto Leaf Print Shirt

Giorgio Armani Suede Sneakers armani.com

Giorgio Armani Suede Sneakers

Suede Trucker Cap shop.brunellocucinelli.com

Suede Trucker Cap

Leaf Print Swim Shorts frescobolcarioca.com

Leaf Print Swim Shorts

Egon Woven Espadrilles jimmychoo.com

Egon Woven Espadrilles

CG Slide Sandal gucci.com

CG Slide Sandal

Giorgio Armani Board Shorts armani.com

Giorgio Armani Board Shorts

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