A Season to Remember with N&J and Louis XIII

Posted September 17, 2022 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

The holiday season is looming on the horizon as the summer sun sets in the west making room for cooler temperatures and the so-called cozy season. But if you’re not quite ready to give up the sunshine and balmy breezes, there are plenty of yachts available in the winter months throughout the Caribbean. Whether you’re spending a week on charter for Christmas or using your own private yacht to escape the blustery winds of January and February, there are a few key ways to ensure your time on the water is memorable.

The first, of course, are the people you’re cruising with. Be it family or friends or even colleagues, the memories you make aboard a luxury yacht will last a lifetime. The second is the yacht itself. Choosing the perfect yacht for charter or owning your ideal private yacht provides the best place to enjoy your time on the water. Third, you’ll want to have with you the right spirits to get you in the spirit and there’s nothing better to enjoy on board than LOUIS XIII.

The world’s finest Cognac, every single decanter of LOUIS XIII is a lifetime achievement of the Cellar Masters that have come before. The brand’s heritage dates back to 1874 and since that date, the Cellar Masters of LOUIS XIII have bottled the most impeccable eaux-de-vie. There are three different decanter sizes to choose from, depending on the space you have aboard your yacht and the party with whom you’ll be partaking in this world-class cognac.

Louis XIII à Cannes

Those new to the spirit may choose the unique collectible LOUIS XIII the Miniature Decanter. At 5cl, it is the ideal introduction to the LOUIS XIII cognac experience. The 750ml Classic Decanter is truly a thing of beauty. Not just because of the golden liquid inside the decanter but also because of the decanter’s beauty itself. The 1.75L LOUIS XIII Magnum is the pies de resistance. Encapsulated within the glass decanter is finest eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne grapes.

Louis XIII à Cannes

There truly is nothing quite like sitting on the aft deck of a yacht as the Caribbean sun sets surrounded by loved ones holding a glass of LOUIS XIII. This winter, set sail for fun and excitement and make beautiful memories with LOUIS XIII.

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