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Northrop & Johnson achieved record numbers in 2017, selling more yachts than any year before. With 121 yachts total sold, 50 of which were larger than 24 meters in length, and 11 percent of the market share, Northrop & Johnson was the top selling yacht brokerage in the world — a title the company is defending in 2018, which already is boasting quite impressive numbers.

After the global recession of 2008, it took several years for the yachting market to regain its strength. Twenty-fourteen was a robust year for the global market, putting the industry back on strong footing. Since rebounding, Northrop & Johnson has enjoyed steady, exponential growth not only in terms of yacht sales, but also in terms of yacht charters booked, charter yachts added to its global fleet and internal growth with an impressive number of offices opened and brokers joining the international team due to the company’s success rate.

N&J Growth Map 2018

In 2014, the brokerage house sold 50 yachts; in 2015, the brokerage house sold 70 and in 2016, Northrop & Johnson sold 110 yachts. The increasing number of sales not only are a testament to the impressive sales abilities of Northrop & Johnson’s brokers, but also evidence of the brokerage house’s industry leading technology and marketing platforms, allowing brokers to sell yachts faster and more efficiently than any other yacht brokerage in the world.

In addition to increased sales, Northrop & Johnson has grown its global charter fleet from 35 to 62 globally. Northrop & Johnson has added key players to its global charter management team in addition to the already stellar charter management professionals already on board, ensuring exceptional management, marketing and increased charter bookings for the yachts in its fleet. The retail charter team, too, has expanded and includes some of the industry’s top-selling charter brokers, who are able to create one-of-a-kind holidays that guests will never forget, ensuring repeat bookings for years to come.

In early 2018, Northrop & Johnson opened the doors to its flagship European office in Monaco and relocated its global headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to a newly renovated, modern and larger space to accommodate the increased size of the team.

Looking ahead, 2018 stands to be another exceptional year for Northrop & Johnson with 54 yachts already sold as of July. If you are in the market for your next yacht, need to sell your current yacht, are ready to book your next luxury yacht charter or are interested in adding your yacht to the global charter market, contact your preferred Northrop & Johnson sales or charter broker, for fast, efficient and unparalleled world-class service.

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