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Posted March 6, 2020 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

Winter blues often entice dreams of summer holidays, but in the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19), some may be rethinking booking their luxury travel plans. As many government bodies, doctors and Facebook friends recommend avoiding large gatherings and crowded places, where is it safe to travel during a potential epidemic? While commercial air travel, cruises and hotels may best be avoided, there still are ways to holiday and maintain a safe distance from the masses. A private luxury yacht charter affords you the ability to enjoy the summer sun at a safe distance from shore and hordes of people.

Allowing you to customize your own vacation and avoid certain “hot spots,” that may be traveled by visitors and viruses, you can enjoy five-star at-sea luxury while allowing your worries to melt away in the sunshine. A luxury yacht provides a safe, hygienic, self-sustaining environment that is controlled and conducive to relaxing. Northrop & Johnson’s dedicated luxury charter brokers will assist you in creating the holiday of a lifetime that allows you to avoid much-traveled spots. One of the most beautiful aspects of a luxury yacht is spending an entire holiday aboard without ever getting bored. The yacht’s exceptional crew can create an entire on-water holiday that allows you to enjoy it all without putting yourself at risk of stepping ashore to brave the throngs of people. Spend your days playing on the water with the yacht’s vast toy chest of tenders, Jet Skis, SeaBobs and other watercraft or soaking up the sun and enjoying cocktails then dine alfresco on an exquisite meal created by the yacht’s five-star chef.

Thanks to private air travel with brands like Northrop & Johnson’s partner NetJets, you can avoid almost all commercial transit to get to your destination. Please be aware that NetJets is complying with the latest government and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) travel mandates. For the latest on NetJets’ response to COVID-19, please visit their website.

Private Plane on Runway

Contracting Coronavirus is only one thing to consider while traveling this summer. Another consideration experts warn about are quarantines, which we have seen on both large and small scale, from entire cities to cruise ships. Quarantines and isolations could have travelers stranded for days or weeks without recourse. Private travel options, such as private yacht charters and private jets, allow travelers to avoid hotels, large commercial airports, cruise ships and busy public places that could become quarantined if the virus is contracted at or suspected to be spread at these types of locations.

To ensure your charter is safe in the instance of a travel ban, many yachts are now offering virus addendums that can be added to contracts. These addendums will safeguard your holiday so you can book without the worry of losing your investment. For more information on this addendum, please contact your preferred retail charter broker.

Furthermore, you can add Charter Cancellation Insurance policies onto your charter that can cover everything from flights to the total charter cost, to ensure you are not losing out on anything if you book and your plans change, be them because of quarantine or because you’ve simply decided not to go. Plans vary but can cover your holiday between 75 and 100 percent depending on the circumstances. You can learn more about Charter Cancellation Insurance policies through Private Insurance Services here.

There is no way to tell what will transpire with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the coming months, but there is no need to forego your much dreamed-about summer holiday. Thanks to a private luxury yacht charter, you can still enjoy a holiday and truly get away from it all. Review our inventory of superyachts for charter.


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