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Internationally renowned as a land of adventure and excitement, Australia has so much to offer. The Indian and Pacific Oceans surround this coastal nation. As such, on-water pursuits are always on the agenda. From scuba diving to snorkeling to surfing, the water quite literally will be your playground during an Australia​n​ luxury yacht charter. One of the most famed locations in Australia undoubtedly is the Coral Sea, which is located off Cairns, Queensland in the northeast corridor. Below the waterline is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. This Australian national treasure is the earth’s largest coral reef system. Home to a bevy of sea life, among the 400 different varieties of coral, you can visit with sea turtles, dolphins and rays as your explore.

Farther south along the east coast, you will come to the ​cosmopolitan capital city of Brisbane. Nestled along the Brisbane River with close access to the coast, this original European settlement is now a thriving metropolis and a fantastic stop on a luxury Australian yacht charter. Bordered by Australia’s favorite playground, the Gold Coast, fun and adventure for the whole family is at your fingertips. From world famous beaches, theme parks, nature reserves and bushwalks to boutique shopping and fine dining, the Gold Coast is a must on the charter itinerary.

Farther south still is the Land Down Under’s most recognized city, Sydney. Home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, this thriving and glamorous urban center is an idea​l stop during an Australia luxury yacht charter. Enjoy a true taste of Oz at a variety of the city’s critically acclaimed restaurants and indulge ​in some of the unique and exquisite wines from local vineyards. In fact, the country is ripe with wineries in all four corners. The adventurous set will scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a heart-pounding ascent and sweeping views. There is shopping at Darling Harbour and history at The Rocks, a preserved historical site of one of Sydney’s first settlements.

The Western coast of Australia also has some incredible wonders to behold from​ the Margaret River​’s wineries to the charming Rottnest Island to the West Coast’s largest city, Perth. Here, the stunning Swan River meets the ocean.  Climb to the top of Mount Eliza. The State Ballet and opera also are on offer, as well as the Western Australian Museum, art galleries and so much more.

Thanks to Northrop & Johnson’s new brick and mortar office in Burleigh Heads on Australia’s stunning ​Gold ​Coast, planning your Australian luxury yacht charter has never been easier. With an extensive Australia-based fleet of charter yachts (see below) captained by seasoned professionals with an incredible amount of local experience, your Australia luxury yacht charter will be the holiday of a lifetime. For more information on a luxury yacht charter in Australia, please contact

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