Tandem Yacht Charters : Double the Yacht, Double the Fun

Posted June 9, 2021 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

If you’ve ever wanted to book a yacht charter holiday for more than 12 guests, you may have run into some issues. Commercial charter yachts are allowed to carry a maximum of 12 guests, despite the size of the yacht or the number of staterooms available. But there are ways to cruise with your extended family, with your large group of friends or with your colleagues on a corporate retreat: a tandem charter is the answer.

A tandem charter is when two or more yachts are booked together to accommodate 12 guests each. Two of the Med’s hottest, most sought-after charter yachts are now working in tandem to ensure larger groups can enjoy their dream holidays. Dubbing themselves the “Dream Team,” Captain Mark Horsnail of the 165-foot (49.9m) Mangusta superyacht DA VINCI and Captain Jason Pliatsikas of the 130-foot (40m) Mangusta luxury motor yacht VENI VIDI VICI are finding great success through their collaborative charter program. The captains are working with lifestyle concierge Ed Farrelly at Ellidore + Thadeus for further enhance the onboard experience for guests during their tandem charter.

Da Vinci VVV tandem charter 2

“We’ve found that the market now is saturated [with charter yachts] and, as there are so many all vying for clients, it’s really important to play to your strengths and differentiate,” says Captain Horsnail. “Across our fleet, we are very lucky to have fantastic teams that are more like family than work colleagues. We are encouraged to think outside the box and be as innovative as possible and that’s great for our clients.”

Captain Pliatsikas agrees and adds, “Mangusta’s are sexy and unique. They feature classic lines and are very fast, which appeals to a specific type of client. These yachts can cover a lot of water and are able to take guests to many destinations quickly, which is what guests love about these yachts. [But with a tandem charter,] the whole energy onboard is very different. We are sporty yachts with a relaxed atmosphere, a little more informal, allowing us to morph from a relaxed, family-orientated boat to an action-packed adrenaline-fueled adventure – or anything in between.  Our teams are adept at making our clients’ desires a reality.”

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A tandem charter with DA VINCI and VENI VIDI VICI welcomes up to 24 guests. While that may seem like a lot of people, there is plenty of space between the two yachts for seclusion and privacy if needed. And with 15 crew between the two yachts, there are a lot of helping hands to ensure service is beyond five-star. “In a nutshell, with a tandem charter, you’re getting 90 meters of yacht that can travel at more than 30 knots with up to 24 guests 15 crew and actually be in two places at once, if desired. The options are truly endless. We can split the itineraries, say if all the ladies want to go for a spa day in one location and all the gentlemen want to head for a famous golf course or follow the same one. Some charters may want to put all of the adults aboard one yacht and all of the kids and nannies aboard the other. A tandem charter provides a lot of flexibility,” says Captain Pliatsikas.

“Together, in addition to the excellent service we pride ourselves on, we also have built a solid support network over the years,” mentions Captain Horsnail. “Our transparent and professional services can really help make guests’ holidays extra special if they want that little bit more.  Imagination is really the only limit.  We love the variation these tandem charters provide to both guests and want to ensure they have the best holiday ever and, continuing to come back year after year with their families as they grow.”

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