Sustainable Yachting: Tips and Tricks for an Eco-Conscious Voyage

Posted April 13, 2023 in Charter by Ashleigh King

Travel norms, including luxury yacht charters, are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Guests can now opt for more environmentally friendly products, cut down on single-use plastics and even participate in conservation efforts that tie into their travel itinerary. Today, there are plenty of options available for environmentally conscious charters.

Tips for Being an Eco-Friendly Charter Guest
1. Use a refillable water bottle instead of plastic
2. Opt for reef-safe sunscreen to protect marine life
3. Request organic toiletries for a natural experience
4. Ask for locally-sourced produce and a seasonal menu for sustainable dining
5. Request no single-use plastics on board and recycle them whenever possible

We all have a role to play in protecting the health of our oceans, and initiatives like Yachts for Science and The International SeaKeepers Society provide opportunities for charter clients to get involved in meaningful projects. When chartering through Northrop & Johnson, you can enjoy a luxury vacation supporting social and environmental change. A superyacht provides the perfect platform to explore remote areas and participate in scientific research, making anyone on board a citizen scientist. There are initiatives in every cruising area, such as tagging sharks and planting corals to beach clean-ups. We encourage all of our clients to travel with respect to the environment and the communities they are visiting.

Building a More Sustainable Indonesia

Aerial shot of Sailing Yacht LAMIMA for Charter
The 213’11” (65.2m) sailing yacht LAMIMA was custom-built to merge traditional Indonesian elements with superyacht luxury. She offers her guests a once-in-a-lifetime charter experience cruising through Indonesia’s exotic islands with amenities like a PADI diving center and Balinese masseuses. The yacht keeps conservation in mind and regularly takes eco-conscious actions to reduce her environmental impact. LAMIMA encourages her guests to participate in creating a greener, plastic-free Indonesia. While chartering onboard LAMINA, guests will notice the following eco-friendly procedures and practices:

1. Only bamboo and cassava straws onboard
2. No single-use plastic water bottles. Instead, the crew offers tumblers to take with them while hiking, diving or simply layout out on the deck
3. Reef-friendly sunscreens
4. LAMIMA Is equipped with technology that purifies seawater to a safe consumption level which is stored in metal containers to use throughout the day
5. The crew uses a macerator to process biodegradable and organic waste to be safely discarded into the sea

Beach Clean-ups

luxury superyacht charter M/Y Roma in Mallorca for media marketing
The 203’5” (62m) VSY superyacht RoMa provides an idyllic platform for an unforgettable charter experience. Her interior design is magnificent, wrapping guests in complete opulence the moment they step onboard. She boasts amenities like an onboard movie theater, an air-conditioned gym and a licensed masseuse. RoMa excels in the luxury department and in her eco-conscious efforts. A RINA-certified Green Yacht, her charter program includes regular beach clean-ups as part of their Helping Hands initiative. The charter yacht’s crew, comprised of well-accomplished divers, also participate in underwater clean-ups, taking this initiative to new depths.

Conservation Education

The 191’ (58.22m) Trinity superyacht UNBRIDLED offers an interactive, educational, and eco-friendly charter experience thanks to its dedicated crew, captain, and owner. Charterers will love the crew’s efforts to educate guests on local ecosystems and connect them with conservation programs. UNBRIDLED has also eliminated single-use plastic water bottles and uses sustainable crew uniforms, bedding, and products while supporting carbon-offset initiatives. With expert diving specialists, guests can enjoy a unique and informative experience.

Fast but Eco-Friendly

165 Mangusta Yacht Davinci cruising the Mediterranean for sale
The 164’1” (50m) charter yacht DA VINCI is a spacious, fast, sleek superyacht. Her expansive deck spaces invite guests to enjoy countless hours spent outdoors. The yacht’s exceptional interior design is modern and comfortable, with abundant natural light from the large windows. Onboard, DA VINCI is equipped with two freshwater purifiers, eliminating the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Instead, the crew opts for refillable glass jugs and crew water bottles.  Bamboo products are seen throughout the yacht, including toothbrushes and straws. DA VINCI’s chef sources local produce and is extremely mindful of food waste when preparing meals. For every charter booked, DA VINCI adopts a coral with Coralguardian, an organization that has dedicated its time to protecting and restoring coral ecosystems worldwide.

Collaborate with Local Organizations

The 125′ (38.1m) luxury sailing yacht KAORI, launched by Palmer Johnson in 1993, is a timeless example of a classic sailing yacht with a refined atmosphere. KAORI not only provides a luxurious experience but also enables you to leave a positive carbon footprint. By collaborating with local organizations such as the Alaska Sealife Center or other eco-friendly programs during your charter up north, you can make a difference while enjoying the journey in style. KAORI allows you to raise the sails whenever possible, contributing to the well-being of the ocean, even if only for a moment. The yacht’s windows can be rolled down to let in the breeze, reducing the need for air conditioning and allowing guests to appreciate the trip up north. KAORI and her crew lead and arrange unique and personalized tours highlighting the importance of the natural land and waters upon which we rely. Our belief is that placing an emphasis on living in harmony with the world around us naturally brings people closer to their loved ones and creates space for one’s own healing and flourishing. This comes easily to us on Kaori because sailing instantly connects us to the Earth, ocean, and air. We bring this philosophy to every activity offered in our program, from diving to dining, sailing to surfing, and sea to ship to shore. She is the ideal charter yacht for families with children who seek adventure and a taste for the finer things in life.

Fuel Efficiency

Charter catamaran ALLURES | Multihull Charter | Northrop & Johnson
The impressive 100’1” (30.5m) Compositeworks catamaran ALLURES is a fuel-efficient vessel, running at 65 liters per hour. She is one of the largest all-carbon catamarans in the world, with a twin-hull construction and high-tech, lightweight materials. She is fast, luxurious and leaves less of an impact on the environment and her cruising grounds. She was designed and built by a passionate owner who put guest comfort at the forefront. From her stunning exterior hull design featuring modern lines to her generous social areas, ALLURES is an ideal charter yacht for family and friends to get out on the water.

Water Filtration Systems

The addition of water filtration systems onboard has been monumental for cutting down on single-use plastics. While guest comfort and convenience are the highest priority, using a watermaker has plenty of benefits that keep the environment in mind. Utilizing an onboard watermaker brings several advantages, such as extending the range of the vessel, reducing weight, cutting down on fuel costs, and increasing speed. Instead of relying on large tanks to store freshwater, a watermaker leverages the process of reverse osmosis to remove salt and other impurities from seawater, providing fresh water on demand. The 108’ (32.92m) Gulf Craft SANTOSH, 90’ (27.48m) Ocean Alexander CHILLAXIN, and the 87’ (26.77m) Azimut SEA OWL are all equipped with water filtration systems.

Clients on charter should consider participating in local community projects that benefit the area they are cruising in. This could include beach cleanups or community-building initiatives, with various organizations available worldwide for visiting yachts and their guests to authentically engage with local communities and cultures. While not on board, we can also make a difference by using eco-friendly products or choosing sustainably-caught fish and local produce.

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