Posted May 31, 2016 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

A new proposed landscaping project will inhibit or forbid anchoring in this area. Not only will this pose problems for yachts in need of accessible mooring options, but it also stands to have a devastating effect for the local economy, which thrives on the summertime yacht business.

The proposed project will demolish all local beach establishments — including many well-loved yachting hot spots. It also will create a dune ridge, which will block direct beach access by the few small beachside establishments built behind the dunes. There no longer will be a true seaside dining option in the area if the proposed project is enacted.

In addition, the Communes du Golfe de St Tropez community has created a survey on anchoring restrictions for yachts in the Gulf. Each summer there are approximately 300 yachts anchored in the Gulf on a daily basis. The new restrictions will prohibit this and limit mooring to two designated areas: a free anchorage in the south from Epi to Bon Rencontre and a northern anchorage near where most beachside haunts are currently located. This location will extend from St. Tropez to Club 55 and will permit only 60 yachts. Of these 60 yachts, 27 yachts up to 24 meters, 28 yachts between 24 and 50 meters and five yachts between 50 and 70 meters will be allowed. There has yet to be posted regulation on yachts larger than 70 meters.

This area is extremely important for the yachting community. Both charter guests and owners flock to this region annually to enjoy the seaside lifestyle. In order to save the St. Tropez beach seaside for the yachting and local communities, and stop further regulation of yachts in the area, please sign this petition.

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