Must-Have Amenities for the Best Yacht Charters

Posted October 1, 2018 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

Northrop & Johnson’s expert retail charter brokers have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. They weigh in to shed some light on the must-have amenities on charter yachts

Beach Club

“One amenity that more and more clients are asking for is a beach club on board; this allows guests to be closer to the water level, allowing them to easily access or watch others playing with the water toys. It provides a great socializing platform and offers guests the ability to interact with each other regardless of their age and fitness level, which likely is one of the big reasons beach clubs are becoming more popular. In some cases, the yacht’s crew also can set up a small table on the beach club for a romantic dinner for two by the water’s edge. For those yachts that do not have built-in beach clubs, inflatable versions are available; I greatly enjoyed my time on one on board trending in Antigua last year.”

Charter Broker Anna Franciszkiewicz, Monaco

Ocean Pool

“Besides the ‘standard’ inflatable towables, snorkeling gear, etc., I personally think all yachts should offer an ocean pool, which is a portable floating pool that comes in a variety of sizes and depths. These can be attached to the yacht’s bathing platform and basically consist of a deep mesh enclosure designed to keep out even the smallest jellyfish and unwanted sea life. Along with protecting guests from flotsam and jetsam, these pools serve as an ideal means of keeping younger children “at bay” while they swim. They also provide a lot of security for elderly people. Depending on the model of the pool, often one can lay on top of the inflatable sides and sunbathe. One client of mine will not book a yacht unless it includes an ocean pool in its inventory of amenities.”

Natascha Weber | Northrop & Johnson
Charter Broker Natascha Weber, Palma


“I think a masseuse on board is definitely becoming a must-have amenity. Some yachts may have massage tables already on board, but a masseuse must then be brought on when the guests want to enjoy a relaxing massage. Having a masseuse as part of the crew, most often this is a double role as a stewardess/masseuse, is definitely a selling point that some clients consider
a must when booking their charter yacht.”

Charter Broker Céline Pujol, Monaco

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