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Day 1 Kawthoung – Barwell Island

Board your yacht and embark form the small border port of Kawthoung (Victoria Point). You can venture to town to try some of the local delicacies at the market, such as Kawthoung fried chicken, local Myanmar beer, and freshly- pressed sugar palm juice all at bargain prices or cruise to Barwell Island and stay overnight.

Day 2 Pulau Bada 

There’s a gorgeous anchorage hidden between three idyllic islands (Bada, Caws and Potter Island), with rich white-sand beaches and sand spits. Enjoy your day beachcombing on Poni Island’s west beach and snorkeled the stunning surrounding reefs.

Also, be sure to venture to Pulau Bada’s west beach just south of the headland as it is known to be particularly pretty. At the northern end of the beach, there’s a little mangrove river going behind the beach all the way inland, that makes the perfect kayaking adventure.

Day 3 Great Swinton Island

You could easily spend several days at Great Swinton. The island has just about everything: beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, jungle walks for spotting local bird and wildlife and great snorkeling and diving.  There’s a beautiful small waterfall near the east point and idyllic mangroves —be sure to check them out.

Day 4 Lampi Island – Salet Galet 

Lampi is the largest island in the National Park Group, it mostly uninhabited with an occasional fishing village. Kayak the Mangrove River on Lampi’s west coast during high tide then venture to the picturesque islands around Lampi that are filled with thriving wildlife including sea eagles, hornbills and fruit bats. If you are lucky, you might see a macaque as they are sometimes seen on the beaches foraging for food. You can also go to Pu Nala where there’s a small village with a Buddhist temple.

Day 5 Clara Island

Clara is one of the prettiest islands in the area, with a stunning shell beach, hidden coves and inlets and exceptionally crystal-clear waters that are excellent for snorkeling. Be sure to check out Waterfall Bay on the northwest side of the island, which has a white sand beach and a spectacular waterfall with cool, clear water.

Day 6 Great Swinton Island

Once you get to Great Swinton Island explore the northern bays for more first-class snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. For the dare, devils dive into ‘Shark Cave’, a swim-through which is home to several (harmless) reef sharks. In the evening, the crew can prepare a bonfire ashore and a wonderful beach barbeque.

Day 7 Loughborough Island – South Twin

In the northwestern bay of Loughborough is a small village populated by Moken and fishermen. There’s a small local school where visitors are welcome.
After visiting the town navigate the creek on Loughborough’s east side by kayak, relishing the gorgeous scenery along the way. In the afternoon head over to South Twin’s west side where there’s a small pristine beach and bay, with space for just two yachts to anchor!
The island is quite rugged and its easy climb brings you to the crest for a tree-shaded walk.

After a walk, explore the underwater world—there are deep, large rock structures forming gullies, long swim-through passages and overhangs. Making your way to the shallows, you’ll find fine table corals amongst the boulders and an abundance marine life. If you are lucky you might catch colorful ribbon eels peeking out from their sand holes.

Day 8 Macleod Island

On your way to Macleod Island stop at Horseburgh Island for a swim and snorkel. Upon arrival at Macleod Island head to Myanmar Andaman Eco Resort it is the only man-made construction on the island and offers a ‘civilized’ spot for delicious cocktails – at US dollar prices. If you desire pampering, the resort offers a fabulous traditional massage. If you prefer adventure trek through the jungle to the island peak and take in the awe-inspiring views that surround.

Day 9 Davis Island

Davis Island is the largest and highest of the scattered cluster of the Aladdin Group, it boasts a multitude of magnificent small beaches to visit. Davis Island is densely wooded with two main peaks of about 450 meters. Off its eastern shore, there’s a five-and-a-half-meter rock surrounded by a reef that is great for snorkeling.

Day 10 Horseshoe – Lighthouse Island – Kawthoun

Cock’s Combe Island has an interesting swim-through into a lagoon on the east side, which was accessible during low tide only. Snorkel around Horseshoe Island then relish a lovely lunch on the beach, before returning to Kawthoung in the afternoon.

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