Quantum Marine Stabilizers: Our Magic below the Waterline Helps You Balance Above

Posted January 16, 2023 in Brokerage & New Build by Ashleigh King

At Quantum, innovation is woven into the culture, driving new, advanced technologies for almost 40 years.   

Quantum’s Highlights:

-Introduced Zero Speed™ in 2000

-Finalized three global patents

-Two patents currently pending

-Developed four generations of controls

-Improved roll reduction performance

-Advanced operational functionality

-Simplified service practices

Today and Tomorrow

There is an exciting development that is exploding not only at Quantum but throughout the yachting industry, called sustainability.  The renewed “green” movement has been met with a contagious sense of urgency, coming from shipyards, suppliers, regulatory agencies and owners who are prepared to spend R&D dollars, take risks and establish accountability standards.

Over the last two years, Quantum has filed two new patents, both relating to energy efficiencies.  The most recent filing was the F45 Hybrid – Hydraulic/Electric Power Unit, currently under development, with testing starting at the end of December 2022. There are several advantages to the F45: it is extremely efficient, has low airborne and structure-born noise levels, minimal heat generation and low maintenance requirements. It offers smooth power that does not fluctuate and requires 50% less power than a traditional hydraulic system. The F45 Hybrid boasts up to 60% greater efficiencies, only consuming energy as required when required. The F45 Hybrid will be available in June 2023.

In addition, the XT™ Fin System, Quantum’s most popular to date, offers a number of sustainable features worth noting.  The force per kilowatt is the best on the market, whereby it doubles the force and improves the overall efficiency. Furthermore, it uses a lot less electrical power due to the hydrodynamics of the XT™ Fin design.  Upon reaching their useful life, the cylinders can be stripped down, disassembled, and recycled along with the oil and other parts.

These new technologies and practices represent a major game changer for the marine industry, greatly reducing the traditional carbon footprint.  A new chapter is emerging, paving the wave for a new “cleaner” normal.  It’s about time!

For more information: info@quantumstabilizers.com / quantumstabilizers.com

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