Into the Deep — Super Yacht Sub 3

Posted February 15, 2019 in Brokerage & New Build by Morgan Crowe

Designed specifically to fit on a yacht, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is the most compact three-person submersible ever built. Space on board is no longer at a premium thanks to the Super Yacht Sub 3’s flexible lifting arrangement, ultra-small size and ultra-low weight.

Built for operation in strong currents or rough topside conditions, the Super Yacht Sub 3 offers exceptional and reliable performance. Despite its size, the Super Yacht Sub 3 boasts extremely powerful thrusters and is equipped with U-Boat Worx proven technology to ensure safety and functionality. New on the Super Yacht Sub 3 is the innovative Freeboard Extender, which promises the ability to open the escape hatch even in high seas situations.

The customizable interior of the Super Yacht Sub 3 is kitted out with sumptuous leather seats for three, a pilot and two passengers, and a fully air-conditioned environment at 1 atmosphere of pressure. Travel into the deep in style, safety and comfort with Super Yacht Sub 3 — the perfect addition to your onboard toy arsenal.

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