Five Hottest Yacht Toys

Posted February 15, 2019 in Brokerage & New Build by Morgan Crowe

2. Seabobs

Seabobs are high-performance electric watercrafts that allow the user to ride on the surface and underwater at speeds of up to 20kph. The Seabob is now available in 3 models: the Cayago F7, the most powerful model capable of 16kph underwater and 22kph on the surface; the F5S – lighter but it retains the excellent driving performance and the F5 – the lightest model available, which gives it a high level of manoeuvrability and performance and makes it suitable for pool complexes. Seabobs can be used with or without dive gear.

3. SuperPool

The SuperPool is a predominantly inflatable luxury island with a safe netted pool inside which can be set up just off a beach or off the yacht. The SuperPool can be made to any size and has the option of having removable inflatable floor sections (which can be covered in teak) that can be placed in any configuration giving endless possibilities for different layouts and pool sizes. A removable bimini with carbon poles tops the pool off and teak decking, cool boxes, uplights can all be specified to create a completely custom Superpool.

4. Inflatable Yacht Slides

Freestyle Cruiser inflatable yacht slides are custom-made, sealed-air water slides, with over 200 already delivered to yachts worldwide. Each slide is custom built to the exact specification of the yacht, taking into account the area in which it is to be deployed on the yacht ensuring that the design, launching, recovery and storage is all planned to make the slide easy to use and fun for everyone. Slides can be straight or curved, with or without leg support and yacht names, logos and extra lifting points can be added as required. Each slide comes with all supporting pumps, valves, storage bags, airstairs for launching, D rings for securing and handles for comfort.

5. Kitesurfing

KItesurfing/Kiteboarding is the ultimate wind-powered watersport that combines aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one exciting, extreme sport. Kitesurfing kit packs down incredibly small so is ideal for keeping onboard in a corner of the garage or lazarette where there might not be room for the bigger toys.

All of the toys above can be arranged as part of your yacht charter package. Get in touch for more details.

Information provided by Superyacht Tenders & Toys.

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