Discover the Depths

Posted February 15, 2019 in Brokerage & New Build by Janine St.Denis

But this impressive sub isn’t just for uncovering never-before-seen wonders; it also allows you to fly below the ocean’s surface and is designed to do barrel rolls with dolphins, spy-hop with whales and safely soar through the sea in comfort, style and safety.

When operating at depths of up to 120 meters, safety is paramount. The Super Falcon Mark II was designed with safety as top criteria. Differing from other submersibles, the Super Falcon Mark II remains positively buoyant, there is no ballast used to descend. The Super Falcon Mark II also has auto return to the surface to provide exceptional levels of safety. The design of the Super Falcon Mark II’s hull was crafted around the pilot, with a low frontal area and lightweight propriety pressure. This allows those flying to experience the ocean like never before.

Built for yachts, the Super Falcon Mark II allows embarking and disembarking on the surface, much like a yacht tender and at only 5.9 meters in length, 2.7 meters wide when wings are deployed, 1.4 meters when folded and 1.6 meters high, the Super Falcon Mark II will fit well on a superyacht; she weighs 1,818 kilograms.

The Super Falcon Mark II also is environmentally savvy. A high-efficiency brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack power the fast, quite and clean sub. Super Falcon Mark II cruises between two and six knots and with a 40V system voltage and low-electric signature, she will not harm marine life or nearby simmers. Super Falcon Mark II has a payload of 230 kilograms or two people.

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