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DEEP-C is a two-person Ocean Pearl submersible built by SEAmagine in 2010. DEEP-C is both safe and practical, and offers excellent field of views to the occupants while exploring a different world deep below. 

DEEP-C is rated to a 330m depth and is ABS Classed with features  including an Underwater Communication System, GPS Navigation System, Underwater HD Video System, Forward Looking Sonar, Underwater Lights, Fly Out ROV with HD Camera, Cutter/Grabber and 20m Tether.

DEEP-C has a clamshell canopy allowing for easy entry and exit. When on the surface DEEP-C floats high above the waterline and can be operated by the external joystick controls.

DEEP-C has a six hour mission time plus a 72 hour reserve and is the ideal vessel for film, exploration, recreation, salvage or research.

For more information on DEEP-C, please contact Paul Daubner at [email protected].

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