Posted November 18, 2015 in Auto by Janine St.Denis

The Bentayga comprises the true spirit of Bentley motors, offering supreme luxury, off-road performance, sporting ability and ease of everyday use. Innovative technology and advanced engineering have been utilized in the creation of this SUV, which Bentley assures is a “sector-defining new model.”

The Bentayga has sculptural design elements that are beautifully balanced with power and a definitive presence. The SUV offers a highly advanced chassis for a smooth ride in complete comfort and safety. A brand new W12 powertrain creates the fastest SUV available; it also offers proficient torque while retaining an air of sophistication. In true Bentley fashion, the Bentayga will offer top performance in any weather condition or terrain.

The interior is handcrafted using woods, metals and leather to create a luxurious atmosphere. Innovative driver-assistance systems and infotainment features will increase the level of safety offered by the Bentayga, but also will enhance the ease of use by the driver and the comfort of passengers.

Bentley plans to launch a high-performance, clean-technology diesel and plug-in hybrid model, as well as a seven-seat option, after the initial launch.

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