Luxury Motor Yachts for Sale

Northrop & Johnson is proud to offer an extensive and all-encompassing selection of luxury motor yachts for sale. The motor yacht sector comprises expertly designed yachts, including family cruisers, go-fast yachts, and more.

Whether you’re looking for brand new or used motor yachts for sale, Northrop & Johnson can help you find your perfect vessel. Our experienced team of experts can access the global market and pair you with a top-performing yacht. Check out our selection of motor yachts for sale below.


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Benefits of a Motor Yacht

Motor yachts and sailing yachts are the two main yacht varieties. What sets motor yachts apart is that they’re engine-powered, which comes with some advantages. 

Here are three benefits to your new motor yacht:

  1. Spacious interior. Motor yachts have incredibly spacious interiors and increased comforts. You’ll have more guest rooms and larger gathering spaces, meaning you’ll have every extravagance while onboard. 
  2. More stability. Motor yachts are more stable than their sailing counterparts. The increased surface area and added power give you a smoother cruising experience.
  3. Ease of use. Motor yachts are much easier to operate than sailing yachts because of their engines. You don’t have to worry about masts, sails, or other technical features that come with the added operations of sailing yachts.

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Is a Motor Yacht Right for You?

Are you wondering if you should choose a motor yacht for your new extraordinary vessel? Since a motor yacht is an ultimate indulgence in grandeur, the answer is a definitive yes. They’re also generally faster, sturdier, and more spacious than other types of yachts.

You’re not constrained by wind direction or strength with a motor yacht. To reach the highest expression of freedom, choose a motor yacht.

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Find Your New Motor Yacht with Northrop & Johnson’s Team of Experts

Northrop & Johnson’s team of expert brokers can walk you through the process of buying your new motor yacht. As a leading authority in the yachting industry, Northrop & Johnson is committed to creative and technical innovation. We’re offering extraordinary services so that you enjoy the opulent experience you deserve when searching for a motor yacht for sale.

Contact us today, and let us start you on the journey.