The Quintessential Guide to Yachting, Toys + Luxury Travel

Navigator magazine is the quintessential guide to an inclusive, opulent travel lifestyle. Devoted to a readership that relishes luxury living and a sophisticated, adventurous spirit, Navigator is a guide to the apex of lavish travel, yachting, art, entertainment, luxury goods and more.

As a Northrop & Johnson publication, Navigator is distributed to ultra-high net worth individuals around the world, including yacht owners and charterers, leaders in financial sectors, art dealers and collectors, philanthropists and other influencers. Each issue has a print run of 10,000 copies and can be found at Northrop & Johnson offices worldwide as well as all Northrop & Johnson and Northrop & Johnson partner’s events.


Spring/Summer 2021

The Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Navigator, the “Quintessential guide to yachting, toys & luxury travel,” has a focus on sustainability and conservation of the oceans. From “green” products and yachting practices to eco-friendly resorts and luxury, Navigator highlights the importance of eco-consciousness across a variety of luxury sectors. In Auto, we feature electric vehicles, in Flight Deck, we focus on sustainable private air travel and offsetting emissions and in both Navigator Knows and In Focus we highlight green yachting options by interviewing the CEO of REVOcean and showcasing two Northrop & Johnson charter yachts that are working hand-in-hand with scientists to allow charter guests and yacht owners to participate in saving the oceans.

Also, in this issue, check out the latest environmentally friendly tenders and toys for your yacht, take a peek at the hottest sustainable summer styles in fashion, jewelry and timepieces, and more…