Expedition Yachts for Sale & Charter


Northrop & Johnson is proud to offer an extensive and all-encompassing selection of explorer yachts available for sale on the global market. Explorer yachts are ideally suited for those who want to cruise farther afield and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. We hope you find your dream yacht below. When you do, please contact a Northrop & Johnson sales broker to begin the buying process.

Northrop & Johnson is pleased to offer expedition yachts for sale and charter. We have an extensive and all-encompassing selection of expedition yachts for sale on the global market. These yachts are ideal for those looking to cruise far afield and explore remote destinations in exquisite comfort.

With an expedition yacht, you can discover new locales luxuriously and safely. Our experienced team will have you cruising the seas in style.


Reach Remote Destinations in Your New Expedition Yacht

Almost all expedition yachts are custom built and designed to offer the highest level of luxury, stability, and comfort as you explore faraway horizons. Their ability to cruise to unique world areas allows you to experience these remote destinations through an extraordinary lens.

Your expedition yacht is designed for longer trips at sea, equipped with the safety and power of a motor yacht with robust hulls shaped to move effortlessly through any weather, and built with long-range capabilities. With these features, there will be no limits to your exploration. Venture through icy waters, to remote islands, and into bustling cities.

Purchasing an expedition yacht is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re choosing this extraordinary lifestyle, you’ll want a team of experienced brokers behind you. 

Northrop & Johnson, a leading authority in the yachting industry, has offices in the following locations for your convenience (see the complete list):

Embark on a Five-Star Expedition Yacht Chart

The most luxurious holiday of your life starts here. A completely customizable experience from the destination to the menu and far beyond, an expedition yacht charter is the ultimate five-star vacation. We’ll attend to every detail and design them to your exact standards. 

Here are some exciting expedition yacht destination ideas for your next adventure:

  • Alaska. Enjoy a warm drink on your deck as you spot sea life and native animals along the shore. Traverse icy plains on your snowmobile and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. The rugged landscape offers incredible scenery and natural wonders.
  • Antarctica. Expedition yachts are specially designed to travel through icy waters. There’s no corner of the map, so take advantage of the freedom and experience the humbling beauty of raw nature. The glacier peaks and untouched terrain make Antarctica the last wilderness on Earth. 
  • Southeast Asia. Spend your morning getting a massage in your yacht’s private spa before enjoying the balmy Southeast Asian temperatures. Experience the legendary hospitality of the culture and its fantastic cuisine. Cruise across the coastline of Thailand and enjoy the wealth of attractions, from pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and outstanding snorkeling, to the bustling nightlife and world-class restaurants.

Cruise the world in style abroad on the superyacht of your choice. The professional, world-class captain and crew will be at your fingertips from the moment you embark. Our high-caliber expedition yacht charter experience is second to none. 


Contact N&J’s Experts to Find Your Expedition Yacht for Sale or Charter

Finding your dream expedition yacht for sale is easier than ever with Northrop & Johnson. Our brokers have a comprehensive knowledge of the yachting industry, so you can rest assured you’re in the best hands in the business. Contact Northrop & Johnson’s team of expert brokers to get started.

If you’re looking to embark on the vacation of a lifetime, look no further than Northrop & Johnson’s expedition yacht charters. Choose exceptional knowledge, world-class crews, and an extraordinary experience when choosing your expedition yachting adventure.