Philippines Yacht Charter Guide

Cruise the azure seas, sandy coastlines and jungle-clad mountains of the incredible Philippine Archipelago

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean, the Sulu and Celebes Seas, the Philippine Archipelago comprises more than 7,600 islands. These diverse and beautiful islands offer so much to do and see during a luxury yacht charter. Natural reefs abound welcoming divers to explore a myriad of underwater habitats and aquatic life. By day white sand beaches are the perfect place to soak up the sun; by night they transform into the dance floors of lively beach bars and clubs welcoming guests to enjoy tropical entertainment.

Sample Itinerary



From Manila or Subic, cruise past historic Corregidor. There are still remnants of fortifications of WW II on the island, which now serve as military memorials to America, Filipino and Japanese soldiers. anchor in one of the coves of Hamilo Coast for a refreshing swim and a relaxing evening on board. Hamilo Coast ‘s location at the entry of the Verde Island Passage makes it an ideal jump-off point your cruise



No wonder the Spanish loved staying here; Puerto galera has a splendid natural harbor.  anchor in the bay, visit the yacht club and hire a local “jeepney” taxi for a ride overland to tumbling waterfalls and magnificent mountain views. There is excellent snorkeling and diving over extensive coral gardens. Relax on board, forget about the rest of the world and just enjoy time with your loved ones.

DAY 3 TO 4


Stop for lunch at North Pandan, a Swiss owned private island. Not an island for the party crowd, it is quiet and laid-back with magnificent white sandy beaches, coconut trees, pristine waters and awesome snorkeling on the reef right of the beach. apo Reef is a UNESCO Heritage site, rated as one of the top four dive sites, and the second largest coral system, in the world. There is much to discover under water and usually in perfect diving conditions. The rich marine life includes cuttlefish, barracuda, turtles, sea snakes, manta rays and visibility varies around 100 feet.

DAY 5 TO 6


Palawan province offers the very best cruising grounds. Palawan island (capital Puerto Princessa) has over 2000 km coast line and is just one of the 1,780 islands and islets. Busuanga is the largest island of the Calamian group in northern Palawan province. Its sugar-white sandy beaches and virtually untouched old-growth vegetation are surrounded by well-preserved coral reefs. There is an amazing amount of bird and wildlife, such as the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, the Olive Back and the Palawan Flowerpecker, giant monitor lizards, Calamian deer, huge fruit bats, monkeys and bear cats. When snorkeling, you might be lucky enough to spot dugongs. The  game Reserve, on Caluit Island was created by former president Marcos’ family. The sanctuary had animals brought over from Kenya such as zebras, giraffes and many other species you would not expect here.



Palawan (35nm) From a quaint little fishing town, Coron has developed into a popular tourist destination.  Colorful, local outriggers, called bancas, are plentiful and add quaint touches in front of Coron’s sheer limestone cliffs. Within the interior, visit one of the hot springs on the way to the saltwater lake. Curious crustaceans and other unusual marine life have evolved over the ages. Entering one of the small fjords on the northwest coast surrounded by spectacular cliffs and fringed by clear, turquoise waters is a truly fantastic sight. One of the many highlights of your cruise. Climb to the top of Mount Tapays as only 700 energy consuming steps. At the end of the hike, it’s all worth it as you will have a great view of the surrounding islands.

DAY 8 TO 9


Tranquil Pamalican is justly famous for its truly turquoise waters and crispy white, clean beaches. It is home to amanpulo, renowned six-star resort providing uber luxury to their guests which regularly include celebrities hiding-out here. Nearby islands include Maniloc, where until a few years ago there was not much of a monetary economy, mainly barter trade. The local school is happy to receive foreigners.

DAY 10 TO 11


Anchor in Tai Tai Bay or beautiful Honda Bay where reef diving is superb. Make your way to Puerta Princessa and visit the 19th-century Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral ande njoy local markets and the buzz of the town. Or spend an early morning exploring Puerta Princessa’s underground river which is still breathtakingly beautiful. Puerta Princessa would be a good place to meet up with friends as it is easy to fly in, with direct flights from Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and even Toronto, Philadelphia or Boston.

DAY 12 TO 13


On the way, stop anywhere along the northern tip of Palawan; you will find some of the most beautiful, untouched islands. Spread around are numerous pristine coral lagoons, some accessible only at low tide via a small opening in the surrounding cliff walls. In the protected inlet of Malampaya Sound a unique species of Irrawaddy dolphin has evolved. There are lots of seagrass beds and mangroves along the shores to explore with kayaks or personal watercraft. The surrounding forest landscape is inhabited by several unique animal species, including the Palawan binturong, Palawan pangolin, Palawan stink badger, Palawan tree shrew and Palawan porcupine. A number of endemic bird species are also found in the protected area like the Palawan peacock pheasant, Palawan hornbill, Tabon scrub fowl, talking myna and Philippine cockatoo.

DAY 14


El Nido’s Bacuit Bay features more jagged limestone cliffs as well as many small islands, lagoons and coves: it is perfect for island-hopping. El Nido has been on the bucket list of many divers. Even though it can be busy at times, it is worth a visit. There is some nightlife in the area, not going on until all hours but good for an evening out, several beach bars feature good live bands. A zip line is located near the village of Corong-Corong, famous for its beautiful yellow to orange sunsets.   Fly out of the small airport in El Nido, servicing all major airports in the Philippines, or drive to Puerta Princessa airport (about one hour).

Charter Experience

The beautiful island of Boracay is a diver’s dream. Explore the wall at Yapak; starting 30-meters below the surface, the wall plunges to fathomless depths. Here you’ll spot white-tip and grey reef sharks patrolling the vicinity while manta and eagle rays sail past. Those choosing to stay ashore can enjoy the island’s incredible white-sand beaches, many of which offer pristine views and privacy. The island is not desolate, however. Those looking to liven up the party will be delighted by beach clubs that offer lively evening festivities.


The island of Palawan is home to Coron Bay, another ideal place for divers who can sink below the waterline to dive the Morazan Maru, a Japanese freighter sunk in 1944. Now richly covered with hard and soft corals, big groupers and plenty of scorpion fishes have made home here and schools of barracuda roam around. Palawan is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Tubbathaha Reef National Park and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, which — as its name suggests — runs underground and is encompassed by a limestone landscape. More spelunking can be done at Tabon Caves, which boast deep slopes and rugged cliffs with exceptional views.


Cebu with its sunny weather, pristine beaches and turquoise waters is every traveler’ tropical island dream come true. Furthermore, there are luxurious resorts and spas with all the frills of good living. East of Cebu is Bohol, home to the world-famous Chocolate Hills, plateaus, crystal springs and beautiful beaches.
All of the islands of the Philippine offer an eclectic culture as early Spanish and modern American influences have made their marks throughout the decades. The Philippine people are well known for their cheerful disposition, a love of music and welcoming smiles.

Location Highlights

  • Spend a day sunning on upscale Diniwid Beach
  • Marvel over the geological wonder of Chocolate Hills, in Bohol Province
  • Hit the spa at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort
  • Visit the 2,000-year-old Banaue rice terraces, known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”
  • Discover last frontier surfing locations from October to January

Expert Advice

For stunning, deserted islands and powder-fine beaches, look no further than Palawan. El Nido in the island’s north was favoured 14th place on CNN’s 2013 list of the "Best 100 Beaches in the World." Puerto Princesa, capital of Palawan, has an underground river declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Pamalican Island is home to Amanpulo. In true Aman tradition, there is a fabulous spa and a stylish restaurant with fantastic views to Manamoc Island across the sea.

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