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Southeast Asia yacht charter

Exotic and intriguing, Southeast Asia is much more than just a few tropical paradises. Comprising ten countries - Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Andaman Islands (India), Vietnam and Laos - the region covers 3,900 miles/6,100 km, from Myanmar in the west to East Indonesia in the east. A larger area than the US (3,000 miles/5,000 km from west to east) and approximately three times the size of the Mediterranean.

Adventure seeking travelers will find beautiful beaches for relaxation, lush jungle and a varied underwater realm for exploration and delicious local dishes to feast on, besides fast developing cities with all modern amenities. Combine your dream yacht charter with exciting on-land adventures, sumptuous shopping and dining in acclaimed gourmet restaurants.

Marvel over the many beautiful beaches of Thailand during your Southeast Asia yacht charter. This intriguing nation has long been a popular destination for the international jet set attracted by the tropical climate, refined culture, extremely friendly, laid-back Buddhist attitudes and last but not least delicious, spicy cuisine. The bustling capital, Bangkok is an exhilarating city to enjoy before your Southeast Asia yacht charter in areas such as The Gulf of Thailand with Pattaya at its center, Koh Samui Island on Thailand’s east coast and and Phuket, down south on the west coast.

Vietnam is a coastal country (2,050 miles/3,300 km) with a compelling history. Once colonized, war-torn and impoverished, the country has found peace and has an economic growth rate among the highest in the world since 2000. Southeast Asia yacht charter of Vietnam through unspoiled nature of National Parks, Phu Quoc Island or the striking limestone cliff landscape of Halong Bay is unforgettable. Ashore, walk the streets of lively, charming cities, admire remnants of colonial architecture and elegant pagodas while sampling incredible, flavorful culinary delights at local marketplaces.

Sophisticated and urban Singapore boasts one of the world’s busiest ports.  You will find five-star hotels, high-end shopping and an incredible variety of cuisine on this island nation with a melting pot culture. It is an ideal entry point into Asia. Remain several days to acclimatize, relax and then continue to your next destination for your Southeast Asia yacht charter. Casinos are a popular pastime for residents and visitors hoping to conjure the luck of the Chinese dragon.

You can cruise around the Philippines for years and still have not seen all of the more than 7,600 islands that form the nation.  Azure seas washing sandy coastlines, jungle-clad mountains rising majestically; there is much to see during your Southeast Asia yacht charter. There is even African wildlife on Caluit Island. English is widely spoken and the Spanish influence is still noticeable in the many catholic churches in the country, one of the most Christian nations in Asia.

Although Indonesia is one of the most populous nations in the world, outside the big, frantic cities there are vast areas of wilderness, unspoiled beaches and crystalline waters.  Cruising around some of Indonesia’s 18,000+ islands during your Southeast Asia yacht charter, you can find serene tranquility. One of the world’s renowned island destinations, Bali with its unique Balinese version of Hinduism, offers high-end resorts and restaurants. 

A yet not so well-know destination for your Southeast Asia yacht charter is Malaysia. There are two distinct sailing areas. Around east Malaysia, part of Borneo, comfortable cruising is possible all year round. Superyachts favor Kota Kinabalu for their homeport. The west coast is popular for the beautiful Butang Islands where freshly caught fish can be bought from the roaming sea gypsies and duty-free Langkawi, an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 120 nm from its famous sister city, Phuket.

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