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Mexico yacht charter

Exotic and mysterious, Mexico is caliente and ripe with exciting and stunning locales for a Mexican yacht charter. From the striking Sea of Cortez south to the beautiful beaches of the Mayan Riviera, explore the incredible sights and delicious delicacies of what this ancient country has to offer.

From Antiquity when the ancient Mayan and Aztec Indians ruled the land to the golden age of discovery when Spanish conquistadors took hold, there is endless history among the ruins of Mexico. Along the western coast of this Central American country, you will find Baja California and the beautiful beaches of the Mayan Riviera.

Off the coast of Baja California, fisherman will find their delight. Cousteau himself called this region “The Aquarium of the World,” due the teeming activity below the sea. The beautiful sapphire Sea of Cortez has other offerings, however. The desert sands of unspoiled beaches and incredible local flavors found ashore will tantalize you during your Mexico yacht charter.

Offshore, beautiful islands sit in wait for exploration, while five-star resorts and restaurants line the coastline of the Baja peninsula.

The southeastern shores of Mexico are bathed by the Caribbean Sea. The mysterious and interesting Mayan Riviera is home to Tulum, one of the only seaside archeological sites in the world. A true adult playground, there is much more to keep your interest than the seemingly endless flow of tequila as you explore this exceptional locale. Travel back in time as you explore ancient Mayan villages or sit back and bathe in the sun on one of the beautiful powdery sand beaches washed by indigo waves. With an array high-end resorts and spas in the area, there is no end to the utter relaxation during a Mexican yacht charter.

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