A Cyclades luxury yacht charter allows you to visit some of the most iconic Greek isles, including Delos, Mykonos and Santorini, with it’s famed white-washed buildings with stunning blue roofs
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 See the sunrise from Mykonos

No yacht charter in the Cyclades is complete without a visit to its most famous island Mykonos, where there is truly something for everyone. Long stretches of beach, shops and restaurants and of course its well-known windmills, providing beautiful scenery. If nights out are more your speed, there is no shortage of trendy cocktail bars and nightclubs. Stay up until sunrise and you won’t regret it. Don’t worry, you can snooze on the way to the Cyclades’ other famous island, Santorini. — Andrea Pothier, Charter Broker

As you come upon the Cyclades islands southwest of mainland Greece, you may believe your eyes have deceived you and you are seeing a mirage at sea. Part of the Aegean archipelago, these 39 islands are alluring, inviting and mystical, like something written about in an ancient Greek tale.

Only a handful of the larger islands in the Cyclades chain are inhabited. The largest and most-well known of these are Delos, Mykonos and Santoríni. The best way to explore this locale is by island hoping during a Cyclades yacht charter.

Idyllic bays and anchorages of crystalline blue waters abound. The vessel can anchor out during your Cyclades yacht charter and the tenders can bring you ashore to explore the whitewashed walls of these Grecian islands. If you’re on land between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m., however, be aware that much like the Spanish, the Greeks shut down for a siesta-like lunch hour(s). Enjoy an alfresco lunch anchored out on Mykonos then tender back to town for an incredible local meal of seafood at Vip Restaurant Mykonos, Kiku or Kuzina — all boasting incredible table-side views. Much more urban than her sister islands, Mykonos is known for nightlife. If you want to indulge, try Cavo Paradisio Club, Scandinavian Bar or Guzel Mykonos.

Renown for her stark white homes with cobalt blue roofs, the picturesque Santorini is a breathtaking sight you will never forget. Anchor out during your Greek Islands luxury yacht charter and spend your days lazing up hills via donkey to see villages situated on the cliffs of Santorin’s caldera. The sunsets from Oia town are what legends are made of — be sure not to miss this.  Santoríni boasts a plethora of beaches from black pebble to white or red sand. Kamari is a sublime seaside village with a relaxed vibe — chill enough that topless sunbathing is a mainstay.

Don’t end your Cyclades luxury yacht charter before discovering the archeological sites at Delos. One of the central and most important islands of the chain, Delos is steeped in Greek mythological history and mystery. The alleged birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, Delos was a holy mecca for ancient Greeks. Due to its importance, many ancient artifacts can be found here — Delos is one of the most extensive archeological excavations in the Mediterranean.

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