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Northrop & Johnson Crew Services Associate Sarah Bester was born in Arizona, but her family relocated to Florida during her childhood. A fitness enthusiast from an early age, Sarah got her first personal training certification while still in high school. She went on to study marketing and digital media at university before reverting to sports medicine and nutrition. Sarah worked for a number of years in the fitness industry as a trainer and yoga instructor before transitioning into the non-profit sector, working for two years as the marketing director for a social service agency in South Florida.

Eventually, the yachting industry landed on Sarah’s radar and in 2007 Sarah joined her first yacht, a 167-foot expedition motor yacht, as a stewardess/personal trainer. She spent the next 10 years at sea cruising extensively. In 2011 she met her future husband on board 142-foot Palmer Johnson LADY J. Together they carried on working as a team on several other motor yachts until Sarah retired from yachts in 2017, moving ashore to begin working in crew placement.

Sarah enjoys sharing her passion for mentoring crew and building meaningful relationships within the industry. Throughout her career she has developed strong bonds with captains and yacht owners, utilizing her skills and experience that she garnered as a crewmember to help place the right crew aboard the right yachts.

In her role with the N&J Crew Services team, Sarah’s genuine enthusiasm and dedication make her an outstanding addition to the dynamic crew services division. 


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