Yacht is no longer available for sale.

Yacht is no longer available for sale.

This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

WAY OF LIFE Yacht for Sale

87' (26.59m)

Yacht is no longer available for sale.
This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.


Model MaxZ86
Length (LOA) 87' (26.59m)
Year 2003
Beam 15' (4.74m)
Location Slovenia


Staterooms 1
Sleeps 15
Heads 1

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 87' (26.59m)
LWL 79' (23.98m)
Min Draft 8' (2.2m)
Fuel Tank 159 g (600 L)
Displacement 21,495


Hull Material Carbon Composite
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Full Details

Other Machinery

  • The engine room is tidy; hydraulic and other rubber pipes are properly protected and fixed.
  • PTO can use all positions like grind, but for rating current owners use grind.


  • The vessel is intended for competitions and therefore the interior is not too luxurious, but comfortable.
  • Bunk beds are available for the crew and bathrooms are of minimal size.
  • The navigation room is located on the stern and features all devices for controlling the installed systems.
  • The port middle part of the vessel has space for storing items of sailing equipment.

Navigation Equipment

  • B&G navigation equipment; protected by covers.
  • Cobra Marine communications equipment.

Deck Equipment


  • 11 x Harken deck winches.
  • Sail winches are hydraulically operated; manual hydraulic pumps are located on the stern and in the middle of the vessel.

Rigs & Sails


  • Hall spars carbon mast and boom package is installed on WOL; mast: 134’6” / 41m - fixed in the vessel's bilge.
  • 5-spreader configuration, with masthead rigging.
  • Updated fixed bowsprit with twin tack lines and 2:1 arrangements.
  • Completely new standing rigging installed in 2019.
  • The new PBO standing rigging, despite having an increased safety factor compared to the previous rigging, is also lighter, obtaining a saving on the overall weight of about 6%.
  • The new system weighs totally about 72 kg, compared to about 78 kg in the previous one, with a saving of more than 5 kg in weight.
  • This is a significant value for a mast of this size, considering also an improvement in the performance of the whole system. The finish of the cables is totally in Black Dyneema®.
  • In addition to rigging, the supply also involved new Loops in Dyneema® to connect Runners, Checkstays and Backstays to the mast and other deck equipment, some Lock Strops and part of the running rigging.
  • Runners replaced in 2019 – along with the standing rigging.
  • Harken deck hardware throughout the majority of the sail handling systems.
  • 4 x Harken grinding pedestals, with carbon shafts primarily and multiple gearboxes below decks, linking primary winches, mainsheet winches and runner winches.

Capri Race Inventory

  • Mainsail, 3Di, M-7.    
  • Jib, 3Di, L1-4.    
  • Jib, 3Di, M1-4.    
  • Jib, 3Di, H1-4.    
  • Jib, 3Di, J4-5.    
  • Genoa Staysail, 3DL, GS-1.    
  • Spinnaker Staysail, 3DL, SS-1.    
  • FR0, 3DL, FR0.    
  • MH0, Doyle, MH0-1, 2019 Sail/440m.
  • A1, CN, A1, Bricked.
  • A1.5, Nylon, A1.5.    
  • A1.5, Nylon/Poly, A1.5-1, 2019 Sail/580m.
  • A2, CN, A2, Bricked.
  • A2, Nylon/Poly,    A2-1, 2019, Sail/587m.
  • A3, CN,    A3, Bricked.
  • A4, Polyester, A4.    

Capri Storm Sails

  • Storm Trysail, Spectra, Trysail.
  • Storm Jib, Spectra, SJ.

Capri Back Up Inventory

  • Mainsail, 3DL, M-6.
  • Jib, 3DL, J4-3, Bricked.

Sails Left in Container

  • Main, 3DL, M??, 2007 Sail.
  • Main, 3DL, M??.
  • Jib, 3DL, JI-3, Poor condition, has delam.
  • Jib, 3DL, Med.    
  • Jib, 3DL, Med-5.
  • Jib, 3DL, H-3, Looks unused but has delam.
  • Jib Top, 3DL, JT.    
  • A0, 3DL, A0, 2013 Sail.
  • A1, CN,    A1-1, Standard Sail.
  • A2, Nylon, A2-4.
  • A2, Nylon, A2-6.
  • A4, Nylon or Poly, A4-3.    

Refit History

Keel Service
January – July 2021:

  • Torque checked all the keel bolts inside the boat.
  • Top keel cover was opened.
  • Complete check of all the keel seals.
  • Keel position sensor was replaced.

Engine Service
August 2021:

  • Complete service of the engine (oil, filters, belts, zincs...).
  • Fuel tank and complete system was cleaned and checked.
  • New water pump.
  • New alternator bracket and pulley.

October 2021:

  • Changed all exhaust pipes and new exhaust muffler.

Hydraulic Service
August 2021:

  • All the hydraulic rams except the canting keel rams and the propeller shaft up and down ram were taken out of the boat. 
  • The rams that were taken out underwent a full service with new seals, ram polishing and filled with new CO2 for the return.
  • Keel rams were checked inside the boat and some of the valve and plugs sealings were changed because of small leaks.
  • All the pipes and connections were checked for leaks.
  • Complete service and tuning of the Navtec valves that are fitted on deck.
  • Complete and thorough test of all components when the boat was in the water.

October 2021:

  • New sealings on the emergency Navtec pump that is connected to the grinders driveshaft

August 2021:

  • New PLC for the fwd rudder.
  • New position sensor on the aft rudder.
  • New stern light.
  • New batteries.
  • New and updated program on the main PLC.

October 2021:

  • New deck and steaming light.
  • Two additional bilge pumps were mounted forward of the mast.
  • All new button pannels on deck for the keel, rudder and engine controls.

March – May 2022:

  • New B&G processor.
  • Replacement of damaged B&G cables.
  • New connectors on the B&G masthead unit.
  • New bilge sensors in the keel and engine compartments.
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