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SANLORENZO SX88/81 Yacht for Sale

87' (26.74m)
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Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.

Motoryacht 86L is an 87ft / 26.76m luxury yacht for sale, built and launched by yacht builder MANUFACTURER. Delivered to a knowledgeable yacht owner in 2023, this luxury yacht sleeps up to 8 guests in 4 staterooms and has accommodations for 3 crew.  

Please see Other Details below for complete specifications. 


Length (LOA) 87' (26.74m)
Year 2023
Draft 7' (1.87m)
Beam 20' (6.34m)


Staterooms 4
Sleeps 8
Heads 6
Crew Cabins 3
Crew Sleeps 3

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 87' (26.74m)
Max Draft 7' (1.87m)
Fuel Tank 2,113 g (2,113 L)
Fresh Water 449 g (449 L)


Hull Material GRP
Ext. Designer Officina Italiana
Int. Designer Sanlorenzo
Cruising Speed 27 Knots
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Full Details

General Description

Brief Description

The SANLORENZO SL86 Yacht is built as per the following specifications:

Type: Motor yacht

Construction: SANLORENZO Ameglia Shipyard Naval

Architects: SANLORENZO

Engineering: SANLORENZO


Interior Design: SANLORENZO


The SANLORENZO SL86 is a vessel built with composite material, with appropriately spaced transverse frames and girders, which run longitudinally as an extension of the engine foundation. Two watertight bulkheads are positioned, one to divide the engine room from the accommodation area and another one in the bow area to separate accommodations and technical storage. Side exhaust housing molding, main engine exhaust, and ventilation ducting for the engine room will be integrated into the hull structure. The main deck and the superstructure will be sandwich laminated using closed-cell PVC as the core. The hull will have a partial double bottom where the structural tanks for fresh water, and grey and black water will be fitted.

Plans and Drawings

All drawings and construction details will be produced by the SANLORENZO technical office or by an expert firm commissioned by the Shipyard, for the design of all shipboard systems, interior details, scantling construction, and all other drawings required by RINA for CE classification.

Upon delivery, the Shipyard will supply the following designs to the Owner.

• Yacht Owner’s Manual

• General Plan

• External Profile

• Lights and Antenna Plan

• Capacity Plan

• Docking Plan

• Safety Plan

• Engine Room Layout

• Steering System

• Bilge and Fire fighting System

• Fuel System

• Fresh Water System

• Grey and Black Water system

• Capacity Grey Water Tank: 400L (105 GAL)

• Capacity Black Water Tank: 400L (105 GAL)

• Electrical System

• All relevant manuals of equipment or machinery installed on board.

Construction And Design Criteria


Composite materials (GRP) will be used for the construction of the hull, decks, and superstructure. The vessel will be built with vinyl-ester resin (for the first three layers of the hull lamination) and polyester isophaltic resin for hull plating, structures, and GRP accessories. The Gel coat is of Neopentilic type, and reinforcement fibers are, depending on their use, mat, roving, multi-axial, and unidirectional glass as indicated in the structural drawings approved by RINA. 

The PVC of the sandwiched core will be of closed cell type, density between 50 and 90 Kg/m3.

The structure shape and the scantling will follow the most recent knowledge on design and construction for this type of GRP Vessel, in order to ensure maximum structural continuity and the lowest possible levels of vibrations and noise.

The hull bottom will be built in single skin of different thicknesses, the sides in sandwich with PVC core, in compliance with the CE regulations, the structure is of longitudinal type, with girders and transversal bulkheads as main structural elements. Three watertight bulkheads will divide the vessel into four watertight compartments as follows:

• Engine room.

• Accommodation area.

• Chain Locker.

All openings for pipes and cables going through said bulkheads will be made watertight. All bilges will be varnished; in the engine room and the aft technical area, anti-flammable paint will be used. Exhaust gas pipes and ventilation ducts are in GRP and are integrated into the structure; flame resistant gel and self-extinguishing resins are used wherever necessary. Special reinforcements will be placed in the way of propulsion and maneuvering machinery’s foundations, generator sets, shaft lines, brackets, rudders, and thruster propellers. The hull will be treated with anti-fouling paint. The material will be supplied by a recognized manufacturer.

Main Deck

• The main deck plating is a sandwich of different thicknesses as per the CE Rule. The structure is longitudinal type, with transversal bulkheads as the main structural elements.

• A watertight hatch will be mounted in the way of the engine room to allow the mounting and disassembly of the Main Engine and other machinery.

• Special reinforcements will be placed near all maneuvering devices such as windlasses, capstans, hatch hinges, cranes, and gangways.

• All openings for pipes and cables going through the Main Deck will be sealed.


• The fly deck plating is a sandwich of different thicknesses as per CE Rules.

• The reinforcement structure is of longitudinal type, with longitudinal stiffeners, transversal bulkheads, and pillars as additional elements.

• One watertight hatch will be mounted in the way of the engine room to allow the mounting and disassembly of the main engines.

• Special reinforcements will be placed in the way of the main stressed area like side doors and bases of the roll- bar.

Structural Bulkheads

• Adequate structural bulkheads are provided in compliance with the General Arrangement Plans, three of these will be watertight.

• The bulkheads will generally be made in a sandwich of marine plywood with a core of polyethylene (“Laricross” or similar) or in marine plywood of adequate thickness.

• The escape hatches will be in accordance with the CE Rules.

Tanks – Capacity Plan

• All the tanks on board are “structural” type, integrated into the hull in such a way as to reduce the occupied space and optimize storage space.

• All the tanks are built in GRP, laminated in monolithic and sandwich, laminated on board, and then assembled on board. They are designed with enough internal reinforcements to provide the continuity of the hull stiffness.

• The main fuel tanks are laid transversally in the front of the engine room and are shaped to occupy the room between the hull, deck, and sides.

• The fresh, grey, and black water collection tanks are laminated on the keel after having completed the hull bottom lamination.

• The tanks will be fitted with the necessary vents and fittings, and they will be pressure tested as required by the Classification Society.

Noise and Vibration Insulation

Insulation is provided to guarantee maximum comfort and safety onboard the vessel in all circumstances. The noise insulation and thermal insulation of the engine room with respect to the rest of the vessel are as follows:

• Ceiling, walls, and bulkhead insulation between the engine room and the accommodation areas inside the engine room, will be realized with thermal insulation sandwich fixed by needles and finished with steel plate fixed onto aluminum grid supports.

• Engine room/ accommodation area, accommodation side realized with thermal insulation sandwich fixed with needles, integrated onto floating bulkhead on viscous-elastic elements.

• Insulation of extraction and ventilation trunks realized with thermal insulation sandwich fixed with needles.

• Insulation of gas exhaust piping is realized with thermal insulation sandwich guaranteeing optimal thermal insulation, flame resistance, and self-extinguishing.

Insulation of the accommodation areas is as follows:

• Acoustic insulation of each cabin was realized with a thermal insulation sandwich inserted into the bulkheads and the flooring.

• Thermal/Acoustic insulation between the crew quarters and guest cabins realized with a thermal insulation sandwich fixed with needles, integrated onto a floating bulkhead on viscous-elastic elements.

• Thermal/Acoustic insulation of the walls and exposed surfaces realized with thermal insulation sandwich fixed with needles.

Teak Deck

• The main deck will be covered in high quality teak with planks 12mm thick glued directly onto the deck. Teak grating for easy drainage will cover the steps leading to the swimming platform and the platform itself.

Weathertight Doors, Portholes and Hatches

• Weathertight side doors will be built in aluminum and GRP, with hand wheel closing systems, fitted with stainless steel hinges and locks. The seals will be silicon-type.

• The weathertight deck hatches will be made of aluminum/reinforced polymer covered in teak or steel and tempered glass with a manual closing system and block system on the opening position.

• The portholes will be made of stainless steel AISI 316 and tempered glass.


• Windows will have crystal panels with black border edges, designed with the width and characteristics as required by the CE Rules.

• The windows fixed on the wheelhouse will be stratified and will be fitted with windscreen wipers.

• The fly bridge windscreen will be made with a frame of stainless steel.

• All windows of the superstructure will be flush mounted glued directly to the GRP.

Propulsion And Maneuvering/mechanical Systems

Main Engines

• 2 x MTU 12V 2000 M96L (1948HP) Diesel Engines

• Additional fixed MTU engine control station in the cockpit.


• 2 x ZF 3055V


• In NiBrAl Alloy, designed to optimize comfort and performance.


• Made of Aquamet 17 or equivalent, supported on bronze brackets and stern tubes. Mechanical seals on the tube’s ends.


• In AISI 316 stainless steel, surface, and stock to ensure excellent maneuvering performance. Rudder holes with steel tube and bronze flanges, stocks in AQ 17 or equivalent.

Steering System

• Steer by wire system with the signal sent by CANbus and 230V linear actuators, or 24V through one automatic selector selecting one of the two actuators.

Bow & Stern Thruster

• Hydraulic installed on the main engine, in GRP tunnel integrated onto the hull with 300mm. diameter internal and 350KGF thrust, with control levers on the internal and the fly bridge helm station.

• Hydraulic stern thruster.

• Engine Oil Change System

Thrusters & Stabilizers

• Zero Speed electric fin stabilizers (for use at anchor and underway).

Trim Tabs

• A pair of hydraulic trim tabs will be installed on the stern transom stainless steel made, with a dedicated hydraulic system.

• Glendenning Cablemaster 100 AMP Reel

• Hubbel Smart Y Splitter

Anchor Windlasses and Capstans

• Two electric reversible anchor windlasses 2300 W, 24V.

• local and remote control.

• Two electrical capstans 1700W, 24V.

• Tropicalized Air Conditioning Systems with Twin Chillers 180,000 BTU

Electrical System

Main Characteristics

The on-board voltage will be the following:

• 115 V AC single phase, 60 Hz for main power circuits

• 24 V DC for small power circuits, visual signals, emergency lighting, electronics, communication systems, and main engine start up.

• 12 V DC for main generator start up and VHF.

Electric cable dimensions are properly sized related to the maximum amperage involved and made from certified material that avoids flame propagation; they are housed in metal trays or self-extinguishing PVC closed type raceways.

The main switchboard panel is in the engine room.

Distribution panels will be in strategic areas so that they can be easily recognized and reached.

The grounding system will be the following:

• For Metallic components, sea intakes, etc. The system will consist of two copper bands laid throughout the yacht and connected to the aft zinc anodes.

• For electrical components all the linked grounds of the electrical equipment are connected to independent porous plates.

• For electronics equipment all the grounds are connected to an independent porous plate.

• Spotlight

Power Sources

Gen Sets

One (1) KOHLER generator 32 kW, and one (1) KOHLER generator 32 kW, 230 V single phase, 60 Hz, located in the engine room and mounted on silent blocks. The generators will be fitted with soundproof casing, a 12V DC switchboard for starting control and an hour counter. It will be possible to start the generators also from the remote control on the wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

Shore Connections

Two 230 V 63A shore power connections, single phase, inside a dedicated locker space on the transom. alternating current energy sources will be controlled by the main switchboard panel. On the front door of the switchboard panel, a voltmeter and a frequency meter will be installed for the lines 230 V.

Power sources will be protected by adequate power fuses or switch breakers and remote-control switches are provided to managing them on the yacht's electric supply. The shore power system will be connected to a bar, protected by a thermo magnetic switch, from which the power will be distributed to all users. Each bar is covered by a switch breaker on the main switchboard panel


Service Batteries: A 800 Ah/24 V DC gel accumulator bank will be fitted in the engine room, to supply the following services:

• Signaling

• Small power circuits

• Spare machinery

• Lighting

One emergency Gel Battery 56Ah/12V dedicated to the VHF, installed underneath the wheelhouse. Main Engine Starting Batteries: 2 sets of gel/AGM batteries with a capacity of 240 Ah @ 24 V DC will be fitted for the main engine's start up. These batteries will be high capacity instant discharging type - 1200A

MTU Electronics Batteries: a 200 Ah/24V gel/AGM battery bank will be fitted in the engine room, to supply the Main engine's electronic equipment.

Generator Starting Batteries: 2 sets of gel/AGM batteries, starting type, with a capacity of 140Ah @ 12V DC for each group for gen set starting. These batteries will be high capacity instant discharging type–700A, Each battery pack will be housed in a dedicated space mounted near the generators

Battery Changing System

Battery Chargers:

• One (1) automatic battery chargers 100A/24V DC to recharge the service batteries.

• One (1) Combined automatic battery charger 100A/24V DC to recharge service batteries with 3kW inverter to power the electric steering system in 24V modality.

• One (1) automatic battery charger 50A/24V DC to recharge the main engine starting batteries located in the engine room.

• One (1) automatic battery charger 10A/12Vdc, to recharge the VHF battery, located in the technical space under the wheelhouse.

The battery chargers listed above will function automatically, without operation availability.

Battery Charging System by Alternator

The main engine alternators will charge respectively the main engine starting batteries and the service batteries. Gen set alternators will charge their starting batteries.

A thermo magnetic switch or fuse will be installed, to protect the 24 V DC user lines connected to the main switchboard panel.


• 1 inverter 24V/230V, 1500W is provided for the galley refrigerator/freezer.

Lights and Sockets

Lighting of the engine room: 24V through ceiling LED bars. Lighting in the accommodation areas is generally through LED spotlights. Each cabin will be provided with the following devices:

• Ceiling lights with control switches close to the entrance door and nightstand

• Reading light on behead with control close by.

• Lights on bathroom ceiling with control switches close to the bathroom door.

• Cabin sockets: 230V.

• Bathroom sockets: 230V.

The lighting of the living areas, stairways, and exits is made up of the following components:

• Ceiling lights in the dining room and saloon with control switches are in various places.

• Ceiling lights with control switches near the exits.

• Courtesy lights on the stairs.

• 230 Vac sockets.

The exterior lighting will be by watertight LED spotlights.

Alarms and Electrical Systems Controls

Electrical control appliances:

• Voltmeter and ammeter to control 230V system, visible on both the wheelhouse touch screen monitor and the main switchboard panel.

• Illuminated push buttons for connection/disconnection of the shoreline power sockets on both wheelhouse touch screen monitor and the main switchboard panel.

• Gen sets overload warning lights in wheelhouse touch screen control panel

• Controls opening/closing bars on the main electric panel and wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

• Controls for generator start up and connection/disconnection on both wheelhouse touch screen monitor and the main switch board panel.

• Ammeters on wheelhouse touch screen monitor and main switchboard for battery charge.

• Ammeters on wheelhouse touch screen monitor and main switchboard for battery discharge.


• Engines and gearboxes alarm repeaters in the wheelhouse and on the fly bridge dashboard.

• Fuel high/low level alarm on wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

• Fresh water high/low level alarm on wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

• Grey and Black water high level alarm on wheelhouse touchscreen monitor.

• Bilge water high level alarm on wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

• Smoke detection alarm for all yacht living areas on the wheelhouse touchscreen monitor.

• Alarm for the opening position of garage hatch and gangway on wheelhouse touch screen monitor.

• Fire alarms.

Alarms & Security

• Two (2) camera CCTV IP systems: One fixed in the cockpit and one fixed in the engine room.

Navigation Electronics, Communication Systems And Audio/video System

Upgraded A/V package.

Satellite and Communications Systems

• Predispositions for SAT TV HD7

• 2 empty radomes for SAT phone

Navigation Electronics

• Garmin Diamond Pkg. (diff. from standard SILVER package)

• Garmin Atmosphere package (integrated dashboard system)

Wheelhouse Control Station

• 2 x 12” multi-function display.

• 1 rudder angle indicator.

• 1 autopilot.

• 1 VHF. - 1 AIS.

Fly Bridge

• 1 x 12” multi-function display.

• 1 speed, depth, wind, and temperature indicator.

• 1 rudder angle indicator.

• 1 autopilot.

• 1 VHF.

Roll Bar

• 1 GPS antenna.

• 1 radar open array antenna 48” – 72 Nm.

• 1 VHF antenna.

• 1 AIS antenna

• 1 signaling horn.

• 1 wind transducer

Internal Communication System

Predisposition for a PABX communication system will be provided in the technical area under the wheelhouse.

Audio/Video System – Centralized Antenna System

The following equipment will be installed on board:


• 1 LED TV 40”.

• 1 HI/FI system, tuning amplifier Multimedia system, CD/DVD/BluRay player, 2 speakers, and subwoofer with connection to the aft cockpit.

Owner’s Cabin

• 1 LED TV32”.

• 1 HI/FI system, tuning amplifier Multimedia system, CD/DVD/BluRay player, 2 speakers and subwoofer.

Guest Cabin’s

• TV outlet.

• 1 Compact stereo with 2 speakers.

VIP Cabin

• 1 LED TV 32”.

• 1 compact stereo with 2 speakers.

Crew Quarter’s

• TV Prearrangement

• 1 compact stereo with 2 speakers.

Fly Deck

• Marine Stereo with 2 speakers.


• Stereo with 2 speakers.


• 2 speakers recessed into the cockpit ceiling, connected to the saloon HI/FI system.

Exterior Options

• Additional stainless steel handrail close to the staircase + additional cushion

• Hard top with electric blades opening roof + bicolor superstructure

• Column shower on flybridge

• Teak floor on fly bridge

• 4 underwater lights 7000 lumens (2 aft transom + 2 sides hull)

• Dark fixed skylight for superstructure (enlarged version 600 x 1150 mm ext. Dim. for Country kitchen)

• Hard top painting (grey hard top and wings, mat black for mast and antennas)

• White painting flybridge dashboard

• Bow sun awning with SS poles.

• Flybridge sun awning with SS poles

• 2 electric up/down tables in the aft cockpit with slatted varnished teak top and stainless steel profiles and stainless steel base. Additional central part in varnished teak

• Custom bar cabinet on flybridge with top and side in Corian glacier white and slatted varnished teak doors with TV lifting system

• Side boarding ladder

Interior Options

• Sliding bed in the port Guest cabin

• Bed with lifting system in Owner's cabin and VIP cabin

• Rug in Salon

• 8 Cassina stools upholstered in natural leather in the dining area

• TV behind bronze stepstool for bow wall in the salon, shelves for bottles on the two sides with mirror on the back and metal antirolls + strip led for each niche

• Bow bar cabinet in the dining area with wood structure, integrated metal sink, foldable faucets, storage, and appliances.

• Upgraded interior furnishings and décor with wood ceilings throughout the boat, mirror cabinet doors, leather bed surround, FLOS lights, Italian marbles in Owner's heads, Flexform poufs, tables, Zucchetti faucets, custom stainless steel strips for furniture and Italian loose furniture. Leather around bed frames and headboards

• Cutlery and glassware for 12 people

• Custom Italian crafted bed linens and towels


• Washing Machine: Asko

• Dryer: Asko with overboard venting for dryer, in lieu of self-contained ventilation

• Cooktop: Miele (30")

• Microwave: GE with integrated hood

• Oven: Miele (24")

• Dishwasher: Miele (24")

• Ventilation fan: Miele (24")

• Sink/food waste disposal: Insinkerator compact 3/4 HP

• Galley upright refrigerator/freezer: Subzero ICBT - 30 CIID (no ice maker integrated)

• Salon bar refrigerator: Subzero with two (2) drawers

• Salon ice maker: Indel Webasto, clear-cube

• Flybridge refrigerator: Frigonautica

Safety Equipment

The safety equipment will be provided as required by the Italian code of boating, for navigation without any limits from the coastline (more than 50 nautical miles) for a max of 16 people can be carried on board, in addition to the items already on board and described in this specification.

Deck Inventory

• Two (2) boat hooks.

• Four (4) mooring lines 15m length with chains.

• One (1) tug line 40m length.

• Two (2) spare lines 10m in length.

• Eight (8) fenders diam. 300mm, height 1095mm, with ropes.

• Two (2) fenders diam. 490 mm, height 620 mm, with ropes.

• Registered Port Flag 700 x 1000mm.

• Courtesy Flag Kit.

• Nautical Chart Kit.

• Thermo hygrometer.

Builder's Notes

To improve the vessel, the Shipyard reserves the right to make any advisable changes to this specification without prior notice.

Any fuel oil or other consumable stores furnished by the builder for the sea trials and remaining on board the yacht, at the time of delivery, shall be purchased by the buyer from the builder at the verified original purchase price and payment effected by the buyer on delivery of the yacht.


The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

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