OCEAN XPLORER 71 Yacht for Sale

232' (71m)

Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.

This Ocean Xplorer 71 conversion is built upon a new sleek offshore hull with all new machinery, electronics and state-of-the-art systems. The project has huge advantages in that the base-line vessel is an ice-class, hi-speed (19-knot) hull with MAN/Rolls-Royce diesel-electric propulsion, retractable stabilizers and other advanced systems which match, or surpass, any new yacht build. The conversion package will allow a new owner to customize the layout and interior finish to suit his/her tastes and global mission. The vessel can accommodate a host of special adventure equipment for skiing, polar expeditions and under-ice diving ops. The cost of the conversion will be an additional cost for new owner.

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Length 232 FT (71 M)
Beam 36 FT (11.2 M)
Draft 13 FT (3.8 M)
Gross Tonnage 1500 Ton
Builder CUSTOM
Year Built 2015
Construction Steel
Cruising Speed 15 Knots
LOA 232 FT (71 M)
Beam 36 FT (11.2 M)
Max Draft 13 FT (3.8 M)
Cruising Speed 15 Knots
Max Speed 19 Knots
Gross Tonnage 1500 Ton
Water Capacity 8,240 Liters
Fuel Capacity 42,373 Liters
Hull Material Steel
Details for OCEAN XPLORER 71 Private Luxury Yacht For sale

Full Specifications

The owner's suite plus five additional guest suites will accommodate 12 guests. All suites have large ports to appreciate the changing surroundings. 

In addition to walk-in closets and his and hers options in Master Head, there is an office and sitting area with LED screen that serves the bed or seating area.


  • Luxury Yacht Design (Power & Sail)
    • Fully custom design: The ultimate expression of a client’s vision.
    • Refit design and drawings for conversion of commercial vessels.
    • Efficient adaptation of a shipyard’s existing technical platform.

A steam room and a sauna with adjoining massage room will be welcome in frosty locations. The side opening and fold-out deck allows easy exit from sauna to icy splash. State-of-the-art gym equipment resides in the hull and can also be set up on deck, when the weather cooperates.
Munson Boats offers a standardized product line
of high speed landing craft that offer a unique
alternative to conventional boat design. The
unofficial motto at Munson is "form follows
function", with the function being whatever the
buyer has in mind. 

Munson Model 38-20 Specifications:

  • Hull Length:38 ft (11.5 m)
  • Beam:12 ft (3.6 m)
  • Hull Type:Monohull
  • Power:Cummins 425 HP x 2
  • Propulsion:Hamilton Jet 292
  • Fuel:200 gallons
  • Speed:45 mph, light ship

A range of deep powder and X-Country demo skis and Snowboards with adjustable bindings. 

Inflatable "Air-Bag" Packs or Inflatable "Balloon" Packs. In the unlikely event of an avalanche, the user can deploy an inflated balloon that will improve buoyancy in the moving snow. These packs will also contain a shovel, probe and radio.

4 x Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme 850 E-TECLightweight, strong and durable, built to accommodate 20-in. wide tracks to maximize flotation and traction, while providing the precise handling and benefits of the open cockpit design. Maximum capability on- and off-trail.

Similar geometry and steering to the RAS 3 mountain front end for capability and light steering feel on- and off-trail. Optimized for crossover usage, two ski stance positions dial in handling: 40.2 in. (102 cm) or 38.4 in. (97.5 cm).

Apeks Black Ice This weight-integrated BC of   has oversize weight pouches to help dial in your buoyancy for this type of tec diving. HDC Expedition Tech

Dry Suit  made from ­flexible Cordura fabrics built to withstand the rigors of ice diving. The ­heavy-duty kneepads are made from Kevlar — the same material used in body armor — and its slim “cave cut” design improves its ­in-water dynamics.

Mares Abyss 22 Navy Reg A reg was the first reg approved for cold-water use by the military. The first stage has a dry-sealed spring chamber to prevent freezing and protect internal compartments from contaminants.

Main Generators

Three of main diesel GEN SET are installed c/w common frame soft supported to ship structure.

2 off Man Diesel Holeby type 6L21/31, output 1320kW on flywheel at 1000rpm

1 off Man Diesel Holeby type 8L21/31, output 1760kW on flywheel at 1000rpm

The generators have been supplied by Leroy Somer-ACEO with the following serial No. 602189/1, 602189/2 and 602188/1.

Coupled to MAN 6L21/31 engines are attached 2 off LSA 53S75-6p generators with the following technical characteristics:

Output 1417 kVA

Power factor0.9

Voltage 690 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Current1186 Amps.

Coupled to the MAN 8L21/31 is attached 1 off LSA 54S74-6p generators with the following technical characteristics:

Output 1889 kVA

Power factor 0.9

Voltage 690 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Current1580.6 Amps.

MAN 6L21/31 Marine Engine

The L21/31 engine is the ideal power source in the 1,290-1,935 kW output range for small to medium-sized tankers, cargo vessels, ferries, RO-RO vessels, large fishing vessels, tugs, workboats and supply vessels.

  • Compact and reliableLong time between overhaulsNo unscheduled maintenance and repair workLow fuel and lube oil consumption – while fulfilling legal emission limitsShort installation length
  • Fuel Consumption (g/kWh)190

Emergency / Harbour Generator

Unit NORDHAVN/SCANIA marine harbour / emergency diesel generating set type GASI 12-07E, prime power rating 296 kW at 1500 rpm (ISO 8528), serial No. 6519358.

Incl. electronic control system for diesel engine.

The generator is Leroy Somer model LSAM 47.2 C 4/6 serial No. 222171/1 as follows:

Output 374 kVA

Voltage 400 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Uninterrupted Power Supply

One redundancy UPS system for the integrated alarm, monitoring and control system has been installed covering the entire vessel. The UPS system is of the continuous inline type with a minimum capacity of 60 minutes.

One UPS system for the computer system is installed covering the entire vessel. The UPS is of continuous inline type with a capacity of 30 minutes.

Propulsion Motors

Propulsion motors have been supplied by Roll-Royce Marine (former SES) with the following technical data:

Voltage 690V

Frequency 58Hz

Current 1734Amp

Power 1800kW

Speed 1794rpm

Maximum output torque 9582Nm

Motors have been certified by DNV.

  • Surface Equipment contained in a single flight case.

  • Includes a power supply unit, hand control unit, touch screen monitor, and wireless keyboard.

  • Provides power and telemetry control through customisable screen layouts.

  • Fibre Optic or Twisted Pair options for data and video transmission.

  • Optional hand power cable spools and electric winches for vehicle deployment.

  • Standard (300m) or deep-rated (1000m) ROV fitted with five thrusters, vehicle junction box, two LED lights, high resolution colour camera and a navigation pod providing vehicle auto depth and auto heading.

  • Requires a single phase 110/230 VAC supply.

Superyacht owners often view the underwater world live on stateroom large screens, from images transmitted by a roaming Falcon. 

As an underwater workhorse the Falcon is fitted with a gripper for recovering items from the seabed, with other tools added as needed. Tools such as rope cutters for severing 15mm rope and 12mm steel wire rope, powerful manipulators and cleaning systems for keeping critical fittings clear.

Diver safety is a key benefit. As a dive buddy, a Falcon can survey a dive site and then watch over the diver when below. It can also transport items back and forth during a dive.

The entire accommodation area on deck 3 and deck 4 is covered with floating floor for optimal reduction of noise and vibrations from the engine room, A/C central, etc.

The floor construction and lining details were built to spec.

On deck 3 the floating floor is of a high-reduction combi floor.

Where deck 3 is lowered in the aft part of the accommodation, the thickness of the floating floor has been increased in order to taper the deck into the aft deck, so that the top of the floor is in level with the rest of the deck.

Propeller and Shafting

The Vessel is provided with two (2) off four-bladed, fixed pitch propellers of NIALBR.

Propeller Dia. 2700mm

Propeller rpm 262 rpm

Propeller Control

The propulsion/propeller control has been supplied by Rexroth (Bosh Group) type Marex OS II remote control system. There, 5 control stations are arranged: one on conning station forward wheelhouse console, two wing and one aft consoles of the Wheelhouse, and one on ECR.

Navigation Equipment

An integrated bridge system for navigation is fitted, with all equipment designed for recessed mounting in "cockpit” style bridge consoles, including the bridge wing manoeuvring stands and overhead ceiling consoles. Following navigation devices are integrated in navigation system (NACOS):

2 of Radars, one Multipilot and one Chartradar

1 of Chartpilot (ECDIS)

1 of Conningpilot

1 of Trackpilot

1 of Gyro compass with integrated GPS Gyro

1 of Speedlog

1 of Echosounder

1 of Navigation DGPS

1 of AIS

Gyro Compass and Autopilot

- Gyro / GPS Gyro Compass (automatic correction for course and speed)

- Gyro repeaters at bridge wings and steering gear room

- Steering repeater

- Bearing repeaters on top of wheelhouse.

- Magnetic compass and fluxgate

- Magnet compass repeater with synchronic-output to autopilot

Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

A voyage data recorder (VDR) is installed. The following information is recorded over a period of 24 hours or according to rules

Bow and Stern Thrusters

The Vessels stern and bow thrusters are rim drive supplied by Brunvoll with the following characteristics:

  • 1 x Bow Brunvoll thruster unit type RDT of 300 kW  
  • 1x stern Brunvoll thruster unit type RDT of160 kW 
  • Enhanced gearbox for optimal hydrodynamic performance.
  • Robust gear maintains optimum tooth contact in various operating conditions.
  • More compact propeller hub.
  • Replaceable blade bearing liners.
  • Options for non-pollution seals and lip seal systems that can be replaced without removal of the propeller hub.
  • Underwater unit can be removed with propeller blades in place.
  • Pipe connections are easy to access.
  • Pitch feedback unit includes a visible display.
  • Shaft coupling enables easy installation and removal of drive motor.
  • Reduced weight of the gearbox, propeller hub and tunnel – structural improvements ensure that the thruster is just as  rugged despite the lower weight.
  • The tunnel is being optimized and strengthened to reduce vibration.
  • Nodular cast iron in the motor frame improves stability, reducing vibration and noise.

Retractable Stabilizers

The Vessel is equipped with Brown Brothers Aquarius series folding fin stabilisers model Aquarius 25/2.05m² fin   

  • Enhanced stabiliser performance thanks to the one-piece high-lift fin
  • Low installation costs for hydraulic, mechanical and control equipment
  • Ease of integration with ship’s alarm and monitoring systems
  • Small hull aperture
  • Linear actuators for fin tilt and extension
  • Integral lubrication system
  • Fin-box can be shipyard supplied
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Latest generation controls

TRIPLEX model KN-50/3.0/6.0//70/30/20.

Lifting capacity winch on 10 m radius 3.000 kg

Lifting capacity on 6m radius 6.000 mm

Anchor Windlasses and Chain Stoppers

One off horizontal anchor winch maker Rapp Hydema model AW-28 serial No 6234 has been supplied and installed on suitable and approved by the Owner and Class DNV

The Vessel is classed for worldwide unrestricted sea-going service by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

  1. SOLAS consolidated edition 2002 and SOLAS amendments 2000 with all protocols adopted by the MSC.
  2. International Load Line Convention 1966 incl. Supplements.
  3. International Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969.
  4. International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) 73/78 and consolidated edition 1997 and Annex VI ‘Regulation for Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships and Nox Technical Code’.
  5. International Convention for preventing Collisions at Sea 1972, incl. 1981 Amendments.
  6. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in particular Publication 92.
  7. International Telecommunication and Radio Regulations Convention.
  8. ILO Rules for Crew Accommodation (92, 133 and 147) and national Rules.
  9. IMO Resolutions A.468 (XII) Code on noise levels onboard ships.
  10. Damage stability requirements according to IMO Resolution A.469 (XII) for design and construction of offshore supply vessels.
  • IMO MSC/Circ. 982 Guidelines on Ergonomic Criteria for Bridge Equipment and Layout.

Proper certifications have been issued for the above.

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