Yacht is no longer available for sale.

Yacht is no longer available for sale.

This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

LEGATO Yacht for Sale

137' (42m)

Yacht is no longer available for sale.
This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.


Length (LOA) 137' (42m)
Year 2024
Gross Tonn. 293
Draft 13' (3.9m)
Beam 29' (9m)
Range 2,850 NM


Staterooms 5
Sleeps 10
Crew Cabins 6
Crew Sleeps 6

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 137' (42m)
Min Draft 13' (3.71m)
Max Draft 13' (3.9m)
Fuel Tank 5,482 g (20,750 L)
Fresh Water 1,231 g (4,660 L)
Gross Tonn. 293
Displacement 338


Hull Material Steel
Ext. Designer Ginton Naval Architects
Int. Designer BTA Design
Cruising Speed 10 Knots
Range 2,850 NM
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Full Details

Other Machinery

  • Propulsion: 2 x fixed pitch, 5 blade propellers
  • Engines Exhaust System: NC MARIN & CENTEK
  • Exhaust Compensators: AYVAZ
  • Tail Shafts, Couplings and Seals: CAN MAKİNE
  • Shaft Seal System: WARTSILA PSE seals
  • Engine Ventilation: GIANNESCHI CFM 1Q 1P
  • Generator Exhaust System: CENTEK
  • Exhaust Compensators: AYVAZ
  • Main Switchboard: Local manufacturer (ECR)
  • Inverters: VICTRON
  • Rectifiers: VICTRON
  • Shore Power Cables: UNTEL
  • Cable Penetrations: ROXTEC
  • Electrical Cables: UNTEL
  • Cable Trays: Local manufacturer
  • Exterior Lighting Fixtures: LUCE5
  • Interior Lighting Fixtures: LUCE5
  • Battery Chargers: VICTRON
  • Navigation Lights: LOPOLIGHT
  • Cathodic Protection: CATHELCO
  • Steering Gear: CAN MAKINE
  • Emergency Steering: Data Hydraulic
  • Under Water Lights:Underwaterlights
  • Fuel Filters: SEPAR Racor RVFS model coalascer type
  • Fuel Transfer Pump: GIANNESCHI Pump FQB 100, 230/400V 3 Phase 50Hz 2,2kW 1450 rpm, GIANNESCHI Diesel Oil Transfer Unit PE 80, 380 V
  • Emergency Fuel Transfer Pump: GIANNESCHI PQ40, 1,1Kw, 24 V DC
  • Fan:GIANNESCHI Axial Blower Fan ELL/AP 409/3-8
  • Fan Vibration Damp: No Vibration Rings For ELL/AP 400
  • Fan Power Supply: Coupling Adaptor for ELL/AP 409
  • 24V Fire Damper Actuator: GIANNESCHI S/Steel Homologated 930x740mm FIRE DAMPER ACTUATOR
  • Fan Control System: GIANNESCHI CFM 1Q 1P
  • Hawse Pipe and Doubler Plate: Local Manufacturer
  • Clean & Dirty Oil Pump: GIANNESCHI Pump FQ 15, 230/400V TR 50 Hz. 1,5kW
  • Firefighting & Bilge System: TYCO
  • Firefighting & Bilge Pump: GIANNESCHI Pump ACB 631/A, 400/690V 3 Phase 50Hz 7,5kW 1450 rpm
  • Emergency Bilge & Fire Pump: GIANNESCHI Diesel Engine Pump MBMA-S 50/160B, 3,3kW
  • Fire dampers: GIANNESCHI
  • Structural Fire Protection Insulation: BROCKWOOL
  • Fresh Water Pum: Water Makers
  • Water Makers: 2x IDROMAR WATERMAKER ‐ 600 l/h
  • Fresh Water Treatment: SILVER ION SYSTEM SIL 168 WITH ANODE, Water Softener System
  • Hot Water Circulation Pump: GIANNESCHI Pump Circulator Top-Z 30 (180)
  • Boilers:2 x GIANNESCHI Boiler, 150 Litres 230/400V T 3+3kW INOX Horizontal
  • Sea Water Service Pumps: GIANNESCHI Pump CP 40L B, 230/400V T 50Hz 0,75kW 1450 RPM
  • Sewage Treatment System: SELMAR Bluesea (4000L/day 380V 50HZ 1,5 kw
  • Black & Grey Water Treatment: SELMAR Bluesea (4000L/day 380V 50HZ 1,5 kw)
  • WC's (toilets/bidets): EVAC, Georg Fischer
  • Sanitary Vacuum System: Black & Grey Water Pumps: HVAC: Valves: GIANNESCHI Pump MVI80, 230/400V TR 50 Hz. 1,5kW, MARINCOLD, SOY Valve
  • Tank Level Gauges: VEGA
  • Pressure and Vacuum Gauges: Georg Fischer
  • Filler: JOTUN
  • Paint: JOTUN
  • Topcoat Paint: JOTUN

Sound Insulation:


AC & Ventilation System
Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioning available as well in the exterior on the aft main deck
  • Air Compressor: GIANNESCHI Compressor CT 2/330, 230/400V T 50Hz with 100 litres Tank
  • Engine Room AC: MARINCOLD
  • Engine Room Ventilation: GIANNESCHI
  • Ventilation fans and Ducting: GIANNESCHI

Galley & Laundry Equipment


  • Cooking Equipment: MIELE
  • Refrigeration/Freezer: ELECTROLUX
  • Dishwasher: MIELE
  • Exhaust: Local manufacturer


  • Microwave: MIELE
  • Refrigeration/Freezer: ELECTROLUX
  • Dishwasher: MIELE
  • Steam Oven: MIELE
  • Main Laundry Equipment: MIELE
  • Crew Laundry Equipment: MIELE

Communication Equipment

  • Satellite System: EPAK
  • VSAT Antenna: Intellian 100cm

VHF Radiotelephones:

  • 2 x B&G V60 VHF with Class-D DSC & AIS Receiver + Hailer
  • 1x B&G H60 Wireless VHF Remote Handset
  • 2x Navico VHF74 4 dB VHF Antenna

Satellite internet:

  • 2x Peplink ANT-MR-40G-S-W-6 Outdoor 5G LTE antenna
  • 1x Starkink Flat High Performance kit

GMDSS Area A3 Communication System :

  • 1x Sailor 7222 VHF DSC Class A (VHF Unit,VHF DSC Transceiver Unit,Handset)
  • 1x Scan Antenna VHF74 4 dB VHF Antenna
  • 1x Sailor 6310 MF/HF 150W DSC Class A
  • 1x Sailor NAVTEX3 Active 3-Band Navtex Antenna
  • 1x Promar MASTERVOLT Magic 24/24 Converter (20A)
  • 1x Sailor Mini-C Antenna
  • 1x Sailor 6006 Message Terminal
  • 1x Sailor 6001 Keyboard
  • 1x Sailor NMEA Talker
  • 1x Sailor SSAS add-on kit for SAILOR 6110
  • 1x Sailor H1252B/TT-3608A Parallel printer, 12/24V, Black
  • 1x Sailor 6197 EDS-205 Moxa Switch - 5 port
  • 1x Sailor 6101 Alarm Panel mini-C GMDSS
  • 1x Sailor 6103 GMDSS Alarm Panel
  • 3x Sailor 6081 Power Supply and Charger
  • 1x Sailor 6391 Navtex System without Antenna
  • 1x Sailor NAVTEX3 Active 3-Band Navtex Antenna

GMDSS safety equipment:

  • 1x Sailor 4065 EPIRB
  • 1x Sailor 5052 AIS SART
  • 2x Sailor SP3520 GMDSS Portable VHF
  • 2x Sailor 3965 UHF Fire Fighter


  • 1x Promar VL-BNWAS - Alleyway Alarm Panel Level 3 Alarm ALR3
  • 1x Promar VL-BNWAS - Cabin Panel Alarm Level 2 Alarm ALR2
  • 2x Promar VL-BNWAS Buzzer indoor RBI
  • 1x Promar VL-BNWAS Central Unit Main Unit
  • 1x Promar VL-BNWAS Reset Button indoor and outdoor RTI
  • 1x Phontec 3100 CIS Master Station Console
  • 4x Zenitel VML-1520 Horn Loudspeaker
  • 2x Phontech 9016 Weatherproof substation for loudspeaker
  • 2x Phontech 0005 Headset w/ 10 m cable & plug

Navigation Equipment

  • Navigation Bridge: SIMRAD
  • Radar: 2x B&G HALO 20+ Pulse Compression Dome Radar

Magnetic Compass:

  • 1x Navico Precision-9 Compass
  • 1x Cassens &Plath Overhead Compass/Type21 with Mirror & Lens,24 VDC


  • 1x Simrad GC80 MK2 Expanded Gyro system
  • 1x Simrad I3007 Display

Auto Pilot:

  • 1x Simrad AP70 MK2 Autopilot Controller
  • 1x Simrad AP70 MK2 IMO Solenoid Pack (Control Unit, Feedback Unit)

Rudder Angle Indicator System:


Echo Sounder:

  • 1x Navico SonarHub Module
  • 1x Navico XSONIC SS60 50/200 kHz. Thru-Hull Transducer
  • 1x Navico XSONIC Transducer Adapter

D-GPS Navigator:

  • 1x P3007 D-GPS System (Display Unit,Junction Box, GPS ANTENNA)

GPS Navigator:

  • 1x B&G ZG100 GPS Antenna w/built in rate compass


  • 1x Navico NAIS-500 Class B AIS with GPS-500 Antenna & NSPL500 Pack

Wind Indicator

  • 1x Navico 120WX Ultrasonic Weather Station
  • 1x Simrad I3007 Instrument Display

Search Lights:



  • 6x Simrad MO19-T 19" Wide Touch Screen High Bright Monitor
  • 1x Simrad MO16-T 16" Wide Touch Screen High Bright Monitor for NSO evo2
  • 3x B&G Zeus3S GlassHelm Processor (Black Box)
  • 3 x B&G ZC2 Remote Controller (Portrait)
  • 1 x Navico MI10 Micro SD Card Reader (NEW)
  • 1x Navionics empty Gold Cartridge SD
  • 1x Navionics large upload for empty SD Gold Cartridge

Wind, Depth, Speed Pack

  • 1x B&G H5000 CPU - Hercules
  • 1x B&G WS720 Vertical Wind Sensor , 1050 mm.
  • 4x B&G H5000 Graphic Display
  • 2x B&G H5000 Analogue AWA Display
  • 1x B&G H5000 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • 1x B&G H5000 3D Motion Sensor
  • 1x NAVICO IDST-810 Active D/S/T Thru-Hull PLASTIC Transducer (235 kHz)
  • 1x NAVICO Through-hull Stainless steel skin fitting with Sea-valve

Entertainment Equipment

  • 68BEntertainment System: JBL

Deck Equipment

  • Anchors: ULTRA MARIN
  • Anchor Chains:YAPAŞ 19MM GRADE
  • Chain Windlass: Data DZC 3300-2 HPI/Kr-19L
  • Deck Windlass: ANTAL
  • Gangway: REM MARIN
  • Side Boarding Ladder: REM MARIN
  • Swimming Ladder: MOR SAVERIO
  • Teak: Birmania
  • Wind Screen Wipers & Washers: SPEICH
  • Paint Exterior: JOTUN
  • PVC Pipes: Georg Fischer
  • Polyethylene Pipes: AQUATHERM
  • Stainless Steel Pipes: Local Manufacturer
  • Hydraulic Hose: HANSA-FLEX
  • Hydraulic Piping: HANSA-FLEX
  • Hydraulic Fittings: HANSA-FLEX
  • Expansion Joints (Rubber): AYVAZ
  • Expansion Joints (Metallic): AYVAZ
  • Exhaust Compensators: AYVAZ
  • Shaft Seal System: WARTSILA PSE seals
  • Sun Awnings: OPTI-TUR

Rigs & Sails

  • Sails: KAYA YELKEN
  • Genoa: 338 sq/m
  • Stay sail: 106 sq/m
  • Main sail: 305 sq/m
  • Ropes: KAYA HALAT

Safety & Security Equipment

  • Gas Detection: SIEMENS
  • Smoke Detection: SIEMENS
  • Engine Room Fire Extinguisher: TYCO
  • Safe Zone Applications: FIRE STOP
  • Fire Dampers: GIANNESCHI
  • Life Saving Equipment: VIKING
  • Life Rafts & Equipment: ARIMAR
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