Yacht is no longer available for sale.

Yacht is no longer available for sale.

This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

DELTA ONE Yacht for Sale

118' (36m)

Yacht is no longer available for sale.
This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.


  • Beach Club
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Wi-Fi


Model Mulder ThirtySix
Length (LOA) 118' (36m)
Year 2017
Gross Tonn. 296
Beam 26' (8m)


Staterooms 5

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 118' (36m)
LWL 115' (34.8m)
Min Draft 7' (2.05m)
Fuel Tank 8,454 g (32,000 L)
Fresh Water 1,374 g (5,200 L)
Gross Tonn. 296
Displacement 190


Hull Material Aluminum
Hull Config Fast Displacement Hull
Ext. Designer Claydon Reeves Design Studio
Int. Designer Vickers Studio
Cruising Speed 15 Knots
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Full Details

Other Machinery

Hydraulic system:

  • The central hydraulic system exists of: hydraulic tank with valve block, hydraulic pump on each PTO of the gearbox, hydraulic pump on each PTO of the generator, Hydraulic oil coolers.
  • The central hydraulic system supplies power to: bow/stern thruster, Anchor winches, capstan’s, hydraulic cylinders for aft hatch, lock cylinders for aft hatch, hydraulic cylinders for tender garage doors, lock cylinders for beach club garage door, stabilizers, tender winch(es).
  • Within manufacturer’s operating parameters two or more systems can run simultaneously.
  • On top of the central hydraulic system, two stand-alone systems are installed that have separated power packs; steering gear & gangway.
  • Great effort has been taken to achieve low noise levels while operating the hydraulic system.

Electric installation:

  • The electric installations exists of 3 systems: 400V 50Hz (main equipment), 230V 50Hz (board network), 24V DC (navigation & emergency equipment). The 400/230V system is supplied by the generator sets and shore connection. The 24V system runs on the battery pack.
  • Shore connection: Three phase shore supply. A phase sequence relay positively blocks the shore supply connection to the bus when the sequence is wrong. Power transfer from shore to generators and vice versa is in a synchronised no-break mode.

MPA system:

  • For closely monitoring the yacht’s performance and safety, and control of the electrical systems, a MPA (Maritime Personal Assistant) system is installed. The MPA system is a multifunctional system, which can report to you wherever you are on board of information from wherever on board. The units of the MPA system are spread throughout the entire yacht and placed on strategically chosen locations as a de-centralised system but with one central command post: the main switchboard. All these units correspond though a LAN network, named MPA network. This is entirely separate from the ship’s (or owner’s) network.

Fuel system:

  • 32.000 litres of marine diesel fuel can be stored in ± 6 double bottom tanks with manholes. Filling is executed through a filling station at PS and SB, stations arranged in a box inside the bulwark or superstructure with doors opening into the side decks. Leaking fuel can be caught in the filling box which has an overflow pipe to the waste oil tank.
  • A fuel "day tank" of approximately 5.700 litres has been installed. Return fuel from each engine is returned to the central day tank. The day tank contains of a SOS valve to close down the user manifold in the emergency from outside of the engine room.
  • In the fuel system, a fuel separator has been installed with a capacity of 400 litres an hour. The arrangement is such that the fuel separator can draw from any bottom tank and supply to any bottom tank.
  • An electrical self-priming transfer pump with a minimum capacity of 2,4 m3/hour, has been installed. The arrangement is such that the pump can draw from any bottom tank and supply to any bottom tank. As an emergency pump, a manual or 24 Volt pump has been installed. Emergency pump has been plumbed into the fuel system and is isolated by using valves.
  • Fuel lines between day tank manifolds and primary (Racor) filters have an extra-large diameter to avoid clogging. All engines are equipped with switchable Racor fuel filters with water level alarms. Sizing of Racor filters for each main engine: two have been fitted where one should have the required capacity. For each generator: 2 have been fitted where 1 has the required capacity.

Fresh water system:

  • Capacity of approximately 5.200 Litre. Filling line through filler cap in side deck. Additional to the water fill from the dock side, two water makers with a capacity of 250 litres per hour has been installed.
  • For fresh water supply, two pumps with a minimum capacity of 50 litres per minute and a pressure tank of minimum of 75 litre, have been installed. Operating system 3 bar is standard. UV sterilizer, max capacity 3000 litres/hour has been added in the pressure line.
  • Hot water is produced in two boilers of 160 Litres with an internal heat-exchanging. Each boiler is equipped with electric an heating element of 3Kw 230 or 400 Volt. Additional to the electric heater, one boiler is connected to the internal cooling system of an engine or generator and one to the heating system. A hot water ring line equipped with a special circulating pump is installed for direct hot water at the taps.

Waste water system:

  • The black water tank contains of a capacity of approx. 1.800 litres. The grey water tank contains of a capacity of approx. 1750 litres. The tanks have been welded in the hull, as part of the hull construction.
  • Black and grey water system have been separated. Two heavy-duty pumps with bronze housing and impellor have been installed. The two pumps are capable of being able to pump either the black and grey water tank via a simple series of valves. Black and grey water tanks are capable of being pumped out either at sea or ashore to a shore side facility.
  • To increase the waste water capacity, a waste water treatment system has been installed. The waste water treatment system reduces the black and grey water to sludge, this sludge is then stored in a separated sludge tank with a capacity of 500L. This tank is capable of being pumped to a shore side facility.


  • For heating, a diesel powered heating has been built in, which is combined with the air conditioning system. Heating capacity has been calculated at outside -5, inside +20 degrees Celsius.

Ventilation System:

  • The air in complete interior refreshes at a rate of 1000m3 a hour. The fresh air supplied from the exterior is treated (dried, cooled or heated) by the air treatment system in combination with the air-condition system. All baths are extracted by means of a fan of sufficient capacity. In all piping, a muffler is installed to have the sound levels as low as possible.
  • The engine room is ventilated by a fan with a capacity of at least 13000M3 per hour. The inlet and outlet grilles of engine room feature salt filters and fire flaps. The tender garage has been extracted with an explosion proof extractor. The beach club is ventilated with a fan of sufficient capacity.


  • The yard has used its best efforts to achieve the specified noise levels. Sound level programs have been done with the following procedures: suitable mounting system of the engines, gearboxes, generators and other noisy equipment, the correct type and number of mufflers for the exhaust lines of main- and auxiliary engines and the mounting and insulation of walls, bulkheads, ceilings and floors.

Communication Equipment

  • VHF-SAILOR 6222
  • MF/HF SAILOR 6301

Navigation Equipment


  • 2 x SIMRAD navigation plotters
  • BWAS


  • Four navigation screens
  • SAILOR-SAT C 3042-E
  • SIMRAD Navigation Plotting System NSO EVO3S MPU-Run with Navionics Platinum system data cards
  • VSAT speedcast.
  • Glomex DVB-T antenna

Tenders & Toys

  • JET SKI'S: 2x Yamaha GP 1800 jet ski’s
  • TENDER: Williams 625 dieseljet
  • FITNESS: Weights and yoga equipment


  • Jobe towable
  • eFoil
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayak
  • Inflatable toys
  • Fishing equipment

Deck Equipment

  • The anchor arrangement has been equipped with two balanced, self-centring flukes, 200kg, galvanized HHP anchors. 220m of 14mm stud linked galvanized anchor chain. Anchors have been connected to the chain by means of a swivel with one shackle in between the anchor and the swivel.
  • Two hydraulic driven stainless steel vertical anchor winches with a minimum pulling power of 2700kg have been installed underneath the foredeck. The anchor winch is equipped with a band brake. To secure/lock the chain and anchor in place, a stainless steel devils claw with chain stopper and roller has been installed.
  • All anchor equipment have been supplied according classification requirements.
  • Mooring arrangement: For mooring there have been five stainless steel bollards installed on each side of the main deck, two on the deck, one mid ship, two on the fore deck. Between the bollards on the aft and aft deck a hydraulic cap stand has been installed.
  • On swimming platform two additional bollards have been installed.
  • Teak deck arrangement: All exterior main decks and swimming platform have been planked with best grade sawn Burma teak. Teak strakes have a 60mm width with a length of minimum 2,50 meter and maximum 3,5 meters. King planks have a width of 120mm.
  • Railing arrangement: On all locations required by classifications a stainless steel railing has been installed. Top of handrails have a 40mm diameter, the stanchions are 38mm in diameter and inner rails have 32mm in diameter. All exterior stairs have been equipped with stainless steel handrail, all stairs contain of a stainless steel fence type of doors on top of the stairs.

Safety & Security Equipment

The main alarm panel is approved in accordance with the Rules.
The alarm system includes the following alarms: 

  • For each main engine
  • For each generator
  • Fuel system
  • Bilge system
  • Sewage system
  • General fire alarm
  • For all watertight doors
  • Steering gear
  • Navigation lights
  • Various power facilities
  • Open / closed indication on transom hatch
  • Open / closed indication on tender garage hatches
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