Yacht is no longer available for sale.

Yacht is no longer available for sale.

This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

ASTRO Yacht for Sale

98' (30m)

Yacht is no longer available for sale.
This is an archived web page showing historic information for reference purposes only. Search Yachts for Sale.

Not for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.


Builder BAIA
Length (LOA) 98' (30m)
Year 2010
Location France


Staterooms 4

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 98' (30m)


Hull Material Kevlar Composite
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Full Details

Other Machinery

  • ARNESON DRIVE ASD 16 with rudder indicators, trims indicators and trims actuators. 
  • Bow thruster, 30 hp. 
  • Hydraulic steering system with wheel and tiller. 
  • Fresh water tanks with electric gauge on dashboard. 
  • Interconnected fuel tanks with visual level meter gauges, electrical fuel gauge and on-off valves. 
  • Fuel filters, water separators, on main engines. 
  • Fuel fill-up (2). 
  • Fresh water fill-up (2). 
  • Fuel tanks emergency shutdowns from the pilot station (2). 
  • Fresh water pumps (2), one 24 V DC and one 220 V AC, with expansion tank and manual switch. 
  • Bilge pump with manifolds for engine rooms, generators and staterooms. 
  • Automatic bilge pumps with alarm on dashboard (4). 
  • Electrohydraulic trim tabs with joysticks (2). 
  • Sea water strainers for main engines and generators with s/s cocks and light alloy filters. 
  • Chromed brass thru-hulls with s/s ball valves. 
  • Silenced underwater engines exhausts. 
  • Engine and gear electronic remote controls, MTU Blue Line system. ELECTRICAL 
  • Hot/cold central tempered air conditioning system; fan coils in every area, compressor and pumps in engine room. 
  • Diesel Generator 30 Kw, 220 V, 50 Hz, with soundproofing, sea strainer filter and AQUALIFT muffler with water/exhaust separator and start/stop control from the dashboard. Startup battery. 
  • Diesel Generator 19 Kw, 220 V, 50 Hz, with soundproofing, sea strainer filter and AQUALIFT muffler with water/exhaust separator and start/stop control from the dashboard. Startup battery. 
  • Two banks of 24 V DC, parallel batteries, maintenance free:  648 Ah for engine start and 1120 Ah for general appliances. 
  • Manual battery switches. 
  • Automatic power supply on 220 V AC, 240 A for battery charge from shore power outlet or generator. 
  • Two inverters from 24 V to 220 V at 2500 W for refrigerator, TV and stereo system. 
  • Shore power outlets (2) 50 Ah for general appliances and air conditioning. 
  • Main electric switchboard with instruments and magneto-thermic breakers. 
  • Engine room located derivation box with electro-thermic switches. 
  • Outside driving station dashboard with: - Engine controls and instruments with MTU Blue Line system. - Trim tabs joysticks. - Trim joysticks. - Trim tabs angle indicators. - Trim indicators. - Rudder indicators - General appliances switches. - Dashboard instruments lights - Navigations lights. - Horn with air compressor. - All parts bonding system. - Engines alarms and warning lights 
  • Main salon Flat TV with DVD player and Antenna 
  •  Outside and inside Bose Lifestyle stereo system. 
  • Int./ext. GSM intercom and phone system 
  • Electric wipers with freshwater spray on windshield (2). 
  • GSM Phone Antenna (1)
  • Electric water heater 220 V DC 20 Gal. 
  • Toilet system with tank and waste discharge from deck. 
  • Every faucet with hot and cold-water mixer. 
  • Grey water tank with 24 V automatic sum pump. 
  • Water treatment system Mini. 
  • Fresh water faucet in engine room, tender’s hangar and bow locker. 
  • Desalinate 120 lit/h. 
  • Shore water outlet with by- pass. 


  • Bulkhead paneling in light wood 
  • Leather decorative strip from the  cabin’s door until  the  wardrobe cabin’s  door, with a central backlit ceiling
  • rear bulkhead: dark and light fabric with horizontal decorative panels (3)
  • 1 door wooden wardrobe-Fabric with low wooden shoe rack-
  • TV  37  "installed  in  front  of  the  bed,  on  the  decorative  strip  of  leather (optional)-wooden bathroom’s door with decorative strip of leather 
  • 10-Porthole compartment: 
  • wooden frame on a panel covered in fabric 
  • Neon lights fit in the thickness of the porthole frames-Portholes (1+1) and windows (5+3) 
  • Table with structure and drawers in wood and opening desk / vanity top covered with leather (2) 
  • Side  bookcases  resting  on  the  desk/vanity  top: light wood  with stainless steel anti-roll (4) glossy finish-Mini-bar 42 liters at broadside (stbd)
  • Bow bulkhead: 
  • Low cabinet in front of the sofa with wooden doors -Retractable TV 26 " with sliding glass panels, above the low cabinet 
  • Headboard upholstered in fabric-Headboard  bulkhead  upholstered  in  fabric  with  horizontal  decorative panels 
  • ventilation grilles in light wood over the bed-Neon lights fit in the thickness of the headboardframe
  • Pouf upholstered as per yard sample 
  • Armchair upholstered as per yard sample 
  • Leather sofa  
  • Wooden double bed with 2 drawers and liftable top for stowage
  • Bad baseboard in wood  
  • Bed stripe in leather  
  • Abatjour (2) 
  • Table lamps (2) 
  • Safe in the wardrobe cabin 
  • Bedside tables with structure and drawers in wood (2) 
  • Wooden ceiling and panels upholstered with fabric  
  • Ceiling’s decorative strip in leather in continuità with the rear bulkhead 
  • Central backlit ceiling with wooden frame  
  • Floor in slats of wood and moquette 
  • Stainless steel glossy finished handrails (2) 
  • audio video equipment Bose 3.2.1  
  • intercom / cordless  telephone 
  • Wardrobe cabin: 
  • Wooden door with central mirror-Covering bulkheads in wood and panels upholstered with fabric  
  • Wooden cabinet with stainless steel anti-roll at broadside -chest of drawers  in wood  
  • Bright coat stand staff 
  • Ceiling in fabric and wood -
  • Floor with moquette
  • Environment divided into two areas by a frosted glass door
  • Walls covering in light wood with chrome horizontal fittings 
  • Ceilings in wood and lacquered wood  
  • backlit ceiling (2) 
  • Porthole (1)  and window  (1) 
  • II Area: -Toilet and Bidet made of china  -
  • Broadside  low  cabinet  in  light  wood  with  mirror  and  stainless-stell  anti-rolling -Broadside frame in lacquered wood  -
  • Porthole compartmen: side panels in lacquered wood -Bathroom Accessories Kit
  • I Area : Washbasin cabinet at broadside      -  
  • Box steel and glass door: Showerhead in ceiling - Shower with sliding staff- Side Shower nozzles of disbursement - Shower seat in teak 
  • Single lever mixers (2)
  • Coat hook (2)  
  • Towel rack (1)  
  • Bathroom accessories kit 16.
  • Emergency access to the deck through skylight
  • Wardrobe  with  two  doors  in  light  wood  and  chrome  trim,  with  a  coat  stand, interior lights and mirror 
  • Light wooden shoe rack with one door and chrome trims 
  • Light wooden double bed with 1 drawer and liftable top for stowage
  • Bed stripe upholstered as per yard samples
  • Bedside tables in light-dark wood and leather trims
  • Table lamps  (2)  
  • Broadsides -Sofas  (2) upholstered with fabric as per yard samples, with stainless-steel back uprights 
  • 1 porthole and 1 window on each braodside  
  • Porthole  compartment:  wooden  frame  and  hanging  cabinet  in  lacquered  wood, with a folding door 
  • Bow bulkhead: 
  • central decoration in leather and decorative side panels in resin or metal-coated, angular with those of the broadsides-Bed head upholstered with fabric as per yard samples 
  • Covering rear bulkhead: -Light wood with central trim in wood and fabric  -tv 26” installed in front of the bed, on the decorative strip in leather  
  • Bathroom’s door in wood  -Port bulkhea covered with wood
  • Stbd  bulkhead  covered  with  wood  and  with  3  decorative  panels  in  resin  or metal-coated, framed fabric-Stdb bulkhead in front of the wardrobe in wood with chrome trims 
  • Floor in wooden slats and moquette 
  • Ceiling in light wood and fabric, with decorative strip in leather  
  • Backlit central ceiling with wooden frame  
  • Backlit ceiling between two decorative trims in leather 
  • Handrails in stainless steel (1) polished finish 
  • intercom / cordless  telephone 
  • audio / video TEAC DR-H300 with circular housing diffusers (n. 2)  
  • Bulkhead covered with light wood with horizontal chromo trims 
  • Shower box with steel and glass door  Showerhead in ceiling  Shower with sliding staffShower seat in teak 
  • Broadside: -Porthole (1)  
  • Porthole compartment: lacquered frame -Hanging cabinet in wood with lacquered doors 
  • Electric Bidet and toilet made of china on wooden step 
  • Low cabinet in wood with stainless-steel anti-rolling and mirror baseside 
  • Porthole compartment: side panels in lacquered wood•Coat hangers (2)  
  • Towels rack  (2) 
  • Wooden ceiling with lacquered trims  
  • Backlit ceiling with neon light 
  • Spotlights set in the washbasin cabinet (2) 
  • nozzles of disbursement
  • Single lever mixers for both washbasin and bidet 18
  • Bulkhead covered with light wood with an horizontal strip in light fabric 
  • Rear bulkhead: Decorative  horizontal  central  panels  (3)  with  frame  upholstered  with  light fabric  -Bedhead upholstered with fabric  
  • Bow bulkhead: -Covering in light wood  -Bathroom’s door in light wood with chrome trims  
  • Boradside -1 porthole and 1 window 
  • Wooden  frame  with  shelves  in  lacquered  wood  (4)  and  hanging  cabinet  with folding lacquered door 
  • Light wooden wardrobe with decorative stripe in dark leather, covered inside with light wood, with coat hanger staff, lighting and mirror  
  • Wardrobe’s side in light wood  with nozzles of disbursement and tv 20” 
  • Bedside table with 2 drawers in light and dark wood with trims in leather  
  • Single bed in light wood with 1 drawer and liftable top for stowage (2) 
  • Bed’s baseside in wood with ventilation grilles 
  • Bed’s stripe in dark leather 
  • Side bed panels upholstered with fabric  
  • Hanging bed in light wood on the bulkhead 
  • Decorative stripe in dark leather from the cabin’s door to the wardrobe’s door 
  • Ceiling  in  light  wood  and  panels  upholstered  with  light  fabric  and  decorative leather  
  • Backlit ceiling with wooden frame  
  • Backlit ceiling in continuity with the decorative strip in leather  
  • Floor in wooden slats and moquette 
  • Luci di lettura LED(2) finitura lucida 
  • Abatjour(1) 
  • Stainless-steel handrail (1) glossy finish 
  • interco /cordless telephone 
  • audio / video TEAC DR-H300 with circular housing diffusers (n. 2)  
  • TV 19" 16:9 LCD  
  • Bulkhead’s covering in wood with chrome trims 
  • From the door to the bow bulkhead decorative stripe in lacquered wood with chrome trims 
  • Shower’ceiling in lacquered wood 
  • Lacquered and wooden ceiling  
  • Backlit ceiling between 2 decorative srtips in lacquered wood  
  • Porthole (1) behind the shelf Shower  box  with  steel  and  glass  door;  Box  Doccia  con  porta  acciaio  e  cristallo: Shower with sliding staff
  • Coat hanger staff (2)  

Galley & Laundry

  • Stainless-steel fire barrier door B15(2) satin finish 
  • Bulkheads covered with light wood 
  • Ceiling in light wood and light lacquered wood 
  • Porthole (1) and window (1) 
  • top, cabinets, sink in stainless-steel satin finish
  • Single lever mixer 
  • Garbage  
  • Garbage disposal unit  
  • Wast compactor 
  • 12 places dishwasher     
  • Dinner-set for 6 places  
  • Washing-drying machine 
  • Oven 90cm 
  • Combined oven 60 cm 
  • Ceramic hobs 90 cm 
  • Cooker hood 
  • Fridge 60 cm 
  • Freezer 60 cm 
  • Double sliding door in light wood between the galley and the dinette 
  • Dinette:  wooden  and  lacquered  divan  bed  with  peak, hanging  selve,  wooden extencion foldaway table and pouff (2) 
  • Built-in spotlights in ceilings and shelves  
  • Backlit ceiling (2) 
  • Handrail (3)in stainless-stell glossy finish 
  • Caboose under the dunnage 
  • Wooden door and airtight door in aluminium to enter in the engine room 

Communication Equipment

  • VHF Radio with DSC (n° 1 with 2nd station) 
  • 19” LCD waterproof marine Display for navigation contrivances (n. 2)  
  • Navigation contrivances with 48 miles radar antenna, GPS antenna with cartographic monitoring, Fish finder with 600W echo-sounder transducer  
  • Satellite TV Antenna (1) INTELLIAN I6 with n° 1 decoder for centralized plant  
  • GSM Antenna (1) 
  • Trac Phone KVH Inmarsat FB500 
  • Interphones in all areas with GSM interface 
  • Magnetic compass 
  • Autopilot 
  • E.P.I.R.B. (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)

Deck Equipment

  • Forepeak  access  with  double  assisted  hatch  and  opening  by  means  of  limber board lifter  
  • Bruce"  s/s  Anchor  (n°1  Kg  110)  with  polished  finish  and  rotating  joint, howsepipe and s/s bow cap with polished finish. 
  • Hot-galvanized steel chain (n. 1)  Φ 14 mm - 165 mt  
  • N°2 black sheet rope – length 15mt diameter 22mm 
  • N° 2 black sheet rope – length 20mt diameter 26mm 
  • Fore  anchor  electric  windlass  (n.  1)  right  vertical  type  3500  W,  380V  with electric foot control and chaincounter.
  • Warp electric windlasse 2500 W, 380V (n. 2) with foot electric switch (n. 2) 
  • Fender bar with polished finish 
  • Fore s/s chocks  (n°1) and at stern (n°2) with polished finish 
  • Fast with polished finish:   bow (n.4)  /  amidship for spring  (n.6)  /  stern (n. 4)  
  • Guardrail from amidship to bow with polished finish low-type Ø 40 mm, h 130 mm, with stanchions Ø 30 mmand fore pulpit with max height of600 mm
  • Flag mast with polished finish  
  • Aft hangar  with  hydraulic  carbon  hatch  laminated  by  vaccum  technique, haulage-launch slip with teflon rolls and tow electric windlass  
  • Hideway  hydraulic  telescopic  s/s  passerelle  with  polished  finish  L=5500  mm with remote control 
  • Water intake plug (n.2)  
  • Fuel intake plug (n.2)  
  • Compressed air warning horn 
  • Fresh water washing windshield wiper (n.2)  
  • Shore water intlet  
  • Waste water extractor plug (n.1)  
  • Waste oil extractor plug (n.1)  
  • Bilge water extractor plug (n.1)  
  • Glendinning 
  • Aft external shower (n.2) with mixer  
  • Fore shower with mixer (n.1) 
  • Pantograph GRP aft doors with s/s arm, polished finish  
  • Watertight  squared  skylight  700  x  700  (external  dimensions),  in  the  fore  sundeck area, made of anticorrosive anodized aluminium and Plexiglas with external handle (n.1) 
  • Manual  s/s  swimming  ladder,  polished  finish,  with  double  bowls  on  platform (n.1)
  • Side Baia Logo with polished finish (n. 2)  
  • GRP  rail  with  integrated  fuel  and  water  breathers, polished  s/s  supports  and connections 
  • Engine  room  emergency  escape  route  through  limber  board  swing  door  and  rung ladder 
  • Stern GRP C-shaped sofa, convertible into sunpad with fabric cushions as shipyard’s samples  
  • Tables   (2)   with   teak   surface   and   supplementary   connection   top,   syncronised electric  bases (2)  
  • External  polished  s/s  access  ladder  to  the  superstructure  upper  area,  with  safety tread  
  • Aft GRP sofa headboard with polished steel supports
  • 8 mm natural teak bridge on 8mm okuomè support with grey seam 
  • GRP swimming platform, teak coated, with grey seam 
  • Cockpit black net canvas with carbon stanchions (n°2) 
  • Proof-speaker with independent control(n.2) 
  • LED lighting under sofas 
  • Proof-telecamera connected to the dashboard display and crew area  
  • Spot-lights  
  • 8 mm natural teak flooring on 8mm okuomè support with grey seam 
  • Proof-speaker with independent control(n.2) 
  • Varnished aluminium access hatch assisted by a gas-actuator 
  • Sunpad (n.2) with skai cushions or fabrics as shipyard samples  
  • Sofa (doble chaise longue) with skai cushions or fabrics as shipyard samples  
  • LED lighting under sofa 
  • 30  mm  s/s  polished  side  grab  rod on the right of the sofa  
  • I-POD connection prearrangement Predisposizione collegamento  
  • Icebox (n.1)


  • Proof-speaker with independent control (2) 
  • GRP sofa with skai seats and headboard or fabrics as shipyard samples  
  • LED lighting under sofa  •Teak tables (2) with electric base and openable top
  • Hideaway fabric sunpad with s/s Φ 30 mm frame, manual control 
  • Fore sunpad with skai cushions or fabrics as shipyard samples  
  • Steel Ø 50 cm Barbecue with spark catcher (1) 
  • Drawer fridge (1) 
  • Side furniture (2) with teak wings 
  • Storage peaks (2) under sofa side seats 
  • “register” chairs (4) 11

Safety & Security

  • N°1 italian flag 100 x 150mm. 
  • N°1 first aid kit (without navigation limits) 
  • N°1 light buoy N°1 safety fire kit (without navigation limits) 
  • N°2 boat hooks. 
  • N°20 safety rafts. 
  • N°1 life buoy with orange rope 30 m. 
  • N°10 white fanders HTM-4 
  • N°2  10  places  life  rafts  Eurovinil  with  black    ropes(length  28m,  diameter  10 mm). 
  • N°1 life rafts ejection system  N°2 white A4 fenders Polyform with black ropes (length 4m, diameter 10mm). 
  • N°1 EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicative Radio Beacon). 

Tenders & Toys

  •  Buoy ridesYesJet surf1 Factory GP 2016
  • SeaBob2 F5S - 2016
  • Skate wakeboard
  • 1Snorkeling gearYesStand up Jet ski
  • 1 Yamaha superJet 2016
  • Stand up paddle
  • TenderWilliams 445
  • Wakeboards
  • Waterskis
  • Waverunner
  • 1 Seadoo Spark 2 seats 110Hp 2016


  • She is a motor yacht with a length of 31.0m. 
  • The yacht's builder is Baia from Italy who delivered in 2010. 
  • The superyacht has a beam of 7.35m, a draft of 1.6m and a volume of 153 GT.
  • The sport boat yacht, previously named Orka, Mirage, features exterior design by Galeazzi Design, while her interior was penned by Galeazzi Design, with naval architecture by Baia Yachts. 
  • Up to 10 guests are accommodated on board the superyacht, and she also has accommodation for 5 crew members including the captain. 
  • The Baia One Hundred yacht has a grp hull and grp superstructure. 
  • She is powered by 3 MTU engines, which give her a cruising speed of 42.0 kn and a top speed of 49.0 kn. 
  • The yacht has a range of 37.0/420 n/m nautical miles at a speed of 42.0 kn. 
  • The yacht carries 10,000 liters of fuel on board, and 1,380 liters of water.
  • On the ranking of the largest yachts in the world, she is listed as number 5088th. 
  • She is the 5th-largest yacht built by Baia. 
  • She was last sold in 2013. 
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