Yacht Broker Karen Alekyan Joins N&J

Posted March 2, 2023 in Company

Northrop & Johnson is excited to welcome Karen Alekyan to its international team of yachting professionals. As a sales broker, Karen will be based out of the Antibes office.

Karen’s passion for yachts began on the French Riviera, where he was captivated by the industry’s technical and aesthetic aspects. His desire for a challenging and fulfilling career path led him to transition to a sales position in the yachting industry. Throughout the early years of his career, Karen has consistently pursued personal and professional development by acquiring new skills and honing his talents in various areas.

Karen is eager to serve his clients while at the same time pushing himself to his limits and contributing to new projects such as the construction and refits of larger boats.

Karen’s background includes a focus on history and legal law during his formative years in Yerevan, Armenia. He is also fluent in four languages, including English and Russian. His physical pursuits have included wrestling, track and field and bodybuilding, as well as music, sports such as dance and horse riding, and reading.

With a few years of solid experience behind him and some great sales under his belt, Karen has already started to establish an impressive track record in the yachting industry. Karen has developed a keen eye for identifying customer needs and delivering exceptional service. Given the high-stakes nature of the yacht sales process, this is an area in which Karen has already produced great results. He has quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the specific intricacies of yacht sales and is already well-versed in navigating the key challenges that can arise during the process. With keen attention to detail and an ability to communicate effectively with clients, Karen will be a strong new addition to the team at Northrop & Johnson.

To contact Karen directly, please click here. For more information, please contact N&J’s press team.


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